More sad nooz

Dis am frum KittehRoo.

It haz bene a berry sad week fur the cheezies – we herd tudai that booksncats (real name Deborah Beier) losted her long battlol wif the pleh cansir today.

Such a sadness in cheezland…

Jajeh has passed on

I haz received dis frum Kittyroo.


The cheezie who went by the name Jajeh (reel name Janet Smith) passed away in December .  She had been sick for a while, and we cheezies on facebook had lost contact and were worried.  Meredith contacted her bruther and he gave her the sad nooz.

Emurginsee beemz needed

Dis distress call arrived frum JD:

Emurginsees nawt gud on chrissymus dai. Especially nawt at midnite.

Mai stepsun’s kitteh (a yungster at 8) has cancer. Tonite she started coffing up blud. She’s lost half her bodyweight, a pound of it in the last day. He’s lawst so much – three dads, his dog, a close friend, all over five years – that this loss would rip him apart – that I would do almost anything for her to pull through for a while longer.

The vet thinks there’s a slight chance she’ll recover enough for surgery and radiation treatment, but that it is only a slim chance. He also thinks that treatment has only a slim chance of working.

I needs eberywun to set their gud energy on hi beems and get Bridget glowing. She hasn’t given up, she’s purring and feisty as ever. I want her to really feel the lubs ob Cheezland and know she’s the energy ob cheezlub to draw on.

Adn iffen she crosses the bridge, well, I wants her to hab rainbows dancing in her whiskers from all the energy. I wants teh nite watchman tew noez dis waz a namazing kitteh. She ressled wib big goggies adn beet tehm. She woz feerless adn supreme.



Cats at Four Winds

Dis came intu mai emayoz frum MamaCat: 

Okay gang, here we go- Booger, Frosti, SheeLa, Zebtu, Pippi and Tippi are going in the day before, on November 10, to have their surgeries on Wednesday, November 11!!!!!!! I will have to carry a balance, but the vet office is going to let me do this (I am a good customer, lol) But this means – ALL, EVERY LAST ONE -of the fur kids will be spayed/neutered!! Please, donations now are critical – I can’t get their vaccinations yet, so we need a bit more, PLEASE!!! And please pass this on!!!

Our Facebook page is Cats at Four Winds Sanctuary, to keep up with everyone and see how they are all doing.
Thanks to each and every one of you who has helped with this, I could not have done it without you. One last push, and we will be done!!

Halpz a Frend

Dis plea fur halps am frum TortieMom on behalf uv a frend uv hurs. Dey b needing tu putting up a pet deposit so dey kin keeping dheir handsum goggiez.   A liddlol halps goes a long ways. 

My friend Rachel finally hit the end of her personal resources and needed to set up an account at

She and her whole family have worked VERY hard to try to stay afloat this last year, but due to an injury and loss of work, this latest hit was the absolute last straw.  Please take a look and see if you feel that this is something you could contribute to.  Thank you from me personally on behalf of my friend for any help you can give her, whatsoever.

Moar Nooz frum Mamacat

So, Dr, Julie got Zebby, Isis, Shadow and Sam done early, so was able to take Max in as well! And Molly was done, so  all the adults are now home and neutered/spayed!! Yay!!!

Now, the sad/happy/sad news: while the fur babies were gone at the V.E.T., someone threw out a little tabby girl. This is the bad news. The Good news? She found her way here, and while quite skittish and scared, I have named her Mally and am working on getting her tamed down. The Bad news? She is pregnant. Sigh.

We are keeping everyone updated on the cats and vets and what is going on with everyone on our facebook page, Cats at Four Winds Sanctuary, if anyone wants to keep up.