Great Nooz!!

Dis am frum TortieMom:::

My siscat wrote me that her grandson has been FULLY DISCHARGED from his therapy! They even issued him a joke “certificate” signifying that it would no longer be necessary for him to brave the weather and juggle his work and school schedules to come in for therapy any more. HOORAY!!!!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who remembered Josh and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Mardi Gras

Ahoy Pikklolz!!!!

am on Tuezday, Feb 17 dis yeer. Yoo knoez wii will b sillybrating!!!! Dere will being a Parade AND a Party AND a Pre-Parade Prep AND a Post-Party Bash!!!

Deh funz will starting on deh 1 pm LOL az wii git reddy fur deh festibbities. U kin haz deh spa day and git yur harez dun at EMz Hairy Emporium. Go shopping fur ur Mardi Gras owtfit. Pick owt ur mask.

Deh Parade will b on deh 4 pm LOL. Haz ur float, or jazz band, etc readdy….donut furgetting deh beedz to throwing!!!!

After deh Parade, wii can haz a Party on deh 7 pm LOL. It am FAT Tuesday, so u bring on deh NOMZ!!!!!

After awl dat funs wii will need to relax, so wii will haz deh Post-Party LOL at 10 pm.

TortieMom77 haz a noo Shop

  1. HOO sez dat a owld goggie can’t lurn noo trix?!?!?

    Wiffa bow to Elsa_Mama and TeenyKat fur inspiration, tm77 is SEW glad to announce dat she hazza noo website ON ETSY!!! Woot! Woot!

    You can go to and type in my shop name, which is (koff, koff) 77heartlandtreasures (can you stand it?!?) orrrr, I GUESS you can also use this: .

    You night recognize the most recent quiltie wif a tiger stripe backing! YAY!

U Kin Halp a Cheezpeep

Ohai, peepz!

Az sum uv yoo already knowz, Ower deer frend TikkyTac haz a complicated life.  I won’t go intu awl deh details cuz shii really cherishes hur privacy.  But shii haz been struggloling fur sum time. Tikky libz in deh Atlanta area and shii haz been libbing wifowt deh gas fur heet and hawt waterz fur well over a year.  Now shii am in danger uv habbing hur electric and water turned off also.  If u haz a few munneez tu spare u can use to send hur sum to keep deh electrons and waters flowing at deh house uv TikkyTac.

Wen u am logged in tu PayPal,  click on “Send and Request”, then “Send Money to friends and family”, then enter deh emayo addy beverlyahaynes @ bellsouth dot net  (using standard internet formatting — make sure u use deh “dot net” nawt deh “dot com”)  and deh amount u wanting to send hur.  Deh munnies goes strait to TikkyTacz account so shii kin paying deh bills.

Tikky did nawt asking fur dis halp.  A caring Cheezpeep contacted mii asking if dhere wuz a way tu halp Tikky.  No wun needz tu gib a lot, if ebbreewun givez a liddlol, wii kin make a big difference fur Tikky.

~~ mj

Thanx frum CB

CB haz sendinged mii dis thank u note.

Ohai MJ,

Due to my not-so-terrific state of mind & being generally poor @ computer stuff, I haven’t been able to log onto the Cryer.

So could I ask just one more favor?

Would you be so kind as to let folks there know how very, very grateful & touched I am by their generosity & kindness to me? I did thank each person (except one whose paypal transaction didn’t include a name or email address) individually but wanted to make sure my eternal gratitude is “on record.”

Thank you, my dear Cween.

I hope that you & the Royal Famblee are all well.

Mim (CB)


  • Ahoy Pikklolz!!!!

    LOLoween am next Friday!!

    Wii will silly brate over several LOLz so eberywun will haz a chance to join in. And, uv course, u kin awlwayz bounce back and forth amungst deh various LOLz later in deh day.

    1pm MadLibz
    2pm Party
    4pm Parade
    7pm Trick-or-treet
    10pm Dark and Stormy nite

    Deh party at 2pm iz a combination birfday party and LOLoween party. U kin tell us all about ur LOLoween costume and eben post a pixor uv it.

    B shur and haz ur parade entry reddy to go at 4 pm.

    On deh Trick or Treet post, anyywun hoo wantingz tu kin hand owt goodies to peeps hoo ring dhere doorbell. U let peepz know u haz treets bai turning on ur porch lite. Den wen sumwun ringz ur doorbell, u post a pixor uv deh treet u b gibbing dem. It will working like dis:
    commenter Wun sez: *turns on porch lite*
    commenter Twu sez: *ringz Wunz doorbell*
    commenter Wun sez: Oh, I haz a nommy treat fur u!!

    tu finding pixors uv treets (and trix) I use deh google Image searcher

    and enter things like “halloween treats” “spooky snacks” “Halloween party ideas” etc.
    When I see a thumbnail pixor I like, I click on it. Then, on the larger pixor, I right click and select “copy image URL” . Next I open Notepad and paste the URL into the text box. I will make a whole stash of pictures and save the file so it is ready to use on LOLoween.

    Donut (mmmmmm…… s) furget awl deh deliteful LOLoween smilies dat SNC haz made fur us!!!!