Spay and Tutor Halps Needed

Dis message am frum MamaCat who haz a great lub fur deh kittehz on hur farm and awl kittehz ebbreewhair.

I know people have helped in the past, but we are needing help again. We were down to only three females left to do, but sadly, did not get them done and now have even more that need to be spayed and neutered. We finally decided to do a fundraising page. Any money left over when all the rescues are done will be going into an account at our local vets, and will be used for help in spaying and neutering cats whose owners can’t quite afford it. The people working there know the people who really care for their animals, and I think that is the best way to go about it. The link for the funding page is

We, and the rescue babies, thank you very much for any help you can give!

ABikerToo Crosses deh Bridge

Our wunnerful frend, Dennis W. Brannaker, aka ABikerToo crossed deh Rainbow Bridge in March.

Hii wuz a wunnerful cheezfrend and tee peep hoo libbed in deh St. Louis area.  Hii was a kind and generous friend and will b missed bai menny uv us.

Here is a link to his obituary

And this is a great portrait of him

YesterdazeLOLz Tekky Nikklol Problemz

U may haz run intu issues accessing and/or commenting on YLOLz deh past few dayz.

SNC sez:

So, I was on the site late tonight and got another “can’t connect to the database” error.  Everything was running fine up until then, and I didn’t see any spike in CPU, memory, processes or I/O.  So, I called the hosting company again in desperation.  This latest support tech confirmed that what the original support person told me Thursday night, that there was a “node” issue with one of their servers, was the real and true issue.   So, it seems all the other efforts I’ve been making have pretty much been in vain.  She was very understanding and gave me an actual ticket number that I can use to follow up on the problem.

Wii am sorry fur deh inconvenience and really appreciate ebbreewun’z patience while dis gets sorted owt.


KittyRoo am Gonna Walk Fru deh Nite

Dis am frum KittyRoo:

Dear cheezfriends,

My sisters and I (and possibly a cheezie friend) will be walking in the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk again this year.  Funds raised are used for research into causes and prevention of suicide, developing and distributing awareness and intervention materials, and supporting and counseling suicide survivors.

We walk together as all my siblings and I have some form of depression.  We remember friends who fight mental illness or have attempted suicide.  I especially will be thinking of my cheezfriends who are fighting against the dark and chaos, and those who have tried to leave the world.  I also carry close the memory of the Night Watchman, our cween’s boi, who inspired my first Overnight.

Donations may be made here:

Inky Crosses deh Bridge

Dis am frum KCTailkinker.  Mai hart goez owt tu hur.  


Inky had been doing well for a 21 year-old kitteh but by Caturday he got nawt feeling well. Mai hart is borked. He went ober da Bridge Toosday morning.
Ai new he was leebing meh and Ai cried. Ai told him he cud go ober da Bridge to be wif his brudders and sisters and friends. Ai sed good bye and told him that he wuz da bestest kitteh.
Later, he passed and he is so missed and loved.
Thank you, Mai Cween!

Yesterdazelolz hab been upgraded.

Yesterdazelolz hab been upgraded. We now have four times the memory and a substantial increase in our i/o capactity.

Unfortunately, we appear to hab run intu anudder pro’llum and deh site wuz down fur a bit last night. But ower feerless geek squad am awn teh case and deh site am back up and running. While wii trubblolshoot, wii will bii disabling plug-ins in an effort tu track down teh culprit. Fear nawt. Wii will put dem bak wen wii awr dun.

Great Nooz!!

Dis am frum TortieMom:::

My siscat wrote me that her grandson has been FULLY DISCHARGED from his therapy! They even issued him a joke “certificate” signifying that it would no longer be necessary for him to brave the weather and juggle his work and school schedules to come in for therapy any more. HOORAY!!!!

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who remembered Josh and his family in your thoughts and prayers.