Editorial: Don’t Feed deh Trollz!

Oh hai, peepz!!

I b wanting tu tawking tu u bowt deh owtbrake uv trollz wii haz had in cheezland dis past week. Normally, deh peepz hoo b commintting on ICHC b deh kind and frendly peepz. Wii haz awlwayz had deh trollz, tu, tho. Tehre b mennee kindz uv trollz, az u may noe. Most b relativelee harmless, dey just run threw saying sumfing adn den leeveing. Often tehy just think deh pic not b funny or b kunserned fur deh well-being uv deh kitty (care trollz). Adn dere iz nuffing rong wif peepz expressing dere opinyunz. But menny uv us take exsepshun tu deh trollz hoo b kumming tu ICHC tu belittle oar bully peepz.

I wuz not online much dis weekend wen a partikularly ebil troll fownd himz way intu Cheezland. Leeza sed “Oh he was the worst I ever saw! Hands down. Just awful. Ugly attitude, mean and nasty, foul language, and he wouldn’t go away!” LCB reportz dat “The troll on Saturday was abusive and as much as said he was there only to antagonize and that any response we gave was getting him off.  Which really reflects poorly on this so-called person, but sadly that seems to be the mentality.”

Dis haz kunserned sevral peepz, maisef inkluded. Wii haz pondered dis subject via deh emayoz.

Nightshayde had this take on the situashun:

The troll thing is kinda tough, I think. The idea of ignoring the trolls is sometimes much more easily thought than done. Sometimes they just BEG for a response.  Simple stuff like the “photoshopped” trolls are pretty easy to ignore. When they start attacking us for doing what we do and being who we are (online persona-wise, anyway), I’m not sure responding is entirely inappropriate.

One thing I HAVE noticed lately is that sometimes cheezpeeps are a little too quick to label people “trolls” without any evidence to back up the “tee-ar-oh-el-el” claims.

I think cheezpeeps might need to stop every once in a while & realize that not everyone understands our etiquette — especially people who are extremely new to the site & understandably think the “comments” section would be a sensible place to insert their comments about the current lol. Unless you’re familiar with the people who chat there, there’s no reason outsiders (I’m not liking that term, but it’s the one that’s coming to mind & I’m too lazy to come up with a better term) would realize that it has become more of a chat room & less of a place to simply comment on lols. People who come in and say that a photo looks ‘shopped are more likely expressing an honest opinion about the picture than trying to cause trouble. I don’t think those people should be jumped upon & immediately harrassed. People who come in and say they don’t find a particular lol to be amusing (or that a particular lol is offensive in one manner or another) also shouldn’t be jumped upon and harrassed, IMO.

People who are all excited about being “first” without having anything else to say can be gently taught the ways of ICHC — they don’t need to be attacked. Sometimes people get a little over-insulted at that & get carried away with calling people rude or insensitive or whatever (oh – and I think you fainting at the use of the “f-word” last night was really funny).

The comments section should be both a fun place for chatting by the cheezpeeps (and whomever else wants to pop in) & a safe spot for non-personal drive-by comments from passers-by.

I think people who pop in & start insulting ICHC and/or people using lolspeak do so at their own peril. Sometimes jumping all over them is fun. *gigglol*

I haz tu agree dat jumping on deh trollz kin sumtimez b berry hard tu resist. But I also noez dat sum uv dem just say thingz tu see wut kind uv reakshun dey will git frum us. And if dey b wanting attenshun, ignoring dem b deh best way tu irritating dem. 👿 So, frum now on, I will due mai utmost to not feed deh trollz.

Leeza sez, “I agrees with teh no feeding the trolls… but I do like to poke em with a stik onse in a wile.. *ebil smirk*”

Nil Per Troll

LCB haz maded us dis luvlee logo. She sez, “The motto is based on “Nil per os”, a medical term meaning basically “don’t feed the patient (by mouth)”. Adapting it slightly here worked well, phonetically. It also serves to thumb our noses at the trolls who call us “stupid” or worse, that dread “r” word.”

I’m glad she explained it, kuz I duzn’t speek deh latin.  I duz noe deh dredded R werd b “retard,” a term I adn menny uzzerz feel shud neber b sed in polite kumpany.

If deh trollz (oar enneewun) uzez deh obseen langwidge, dehy shud b reported tu deh Cheezez hoo b running deh ICHC sew deyre commintz can b removinged frum deh site, if deh Cheezez deem dem tu b offensive.  Plz tu remember dat dere b a differnse btween irritating adn offensive adn not b buggin deh Cheezez wifowt gud kauze.

LCB went on tu say that it may b better “not to gloat when we get a troll banned. That only serves to set off more attacks, I think. We instead can say “Operation NPT Successful” (NPT=Nil Per Trolls) or something completely unrelated, like “there’s caek in teh breakroom”. We’ll know what it means, but the trolls may not.”

So peepz, plz tu not feeding deh trollz.  Just snikker tu ursef thinking how sad dey will feel wen no wun takez dere bait.   Oar, u kin hug deh neerest cheezpeep and hum a bar oar tew frum LCBz troll song.

OK, now I standing bai, reddy tu taking deh flak.


19 thoughts on “Editorial: Don’t Feed deh Trollz!

  1. now I has an embarrassed that I gloated abowt Dopey. Ok well maybe not. 😀
    B/c he hoo casts teh furst gloat…..
    ok ok I will try not to dew it again.

  2. Oh mai cween. Doez nawt be taking da flakz. U be the edumacator 4 us all. Ai fink dat ur opinionz be de smart fing 2 do. Ai will promise 2 do mai bestest to nawt feedz da trollz. Ai’m sad dat dey feel dey has 2 be saing nasty fings bout all da cheezpeepz.
    {{{{{cweenmj}}}}} {{{{{cheezpeepz}}}}}

  3. ohai! ai haz dun a liddul onlyne reesurch onna trollz, an ai found wun innersting fing whut sed if u talk ABOWT teh troll, an mebbe laffs at oar mayke fun uv teh troll — but nawt tawk TOO teh troll — it maykez tehm crazee! tehy nawt noes whut to do abowt taht.
    sownz lyke a job foar clebber an funnee cheezpeepz! 😉

  4. Good ideea tessm! Sownz liek eet miit werk…. Ai havint eber fed deh trolls b4. Ai juss halp owt peepz hoo b noo to ICHC. Teh trollz ar awn a lot moar den dey shud b doe, nda sumfin muss b dun tuu trii nda keep dem awai.

  5. ohai awl! diz iz grate dizkushun heer, an aifink dat tessm’ss idee shud bee passd awrouwnd tew awl r peeps tew enjoi.
    lcb’s illy iz fabyewluss! ai wil ‘member it foarebber!

  6. Ai agrees wif mai cween. Ai wuz a lurker, iz dat teh rite werd, befoar ai becayme a cheezpeep. Ai had tew luk fer awile. Trolls can be bery aboosive but ai fink dey may be loanly or just want attenshun unless dey be trooly ebil adn den may be jellus abowt owr cheezy relayshuns. Aifinkso. Ai woan feed teh trolls enny moar and ai saw wun but ai decided he/she wuzn’t a troll mehbe but just didn’t find the LOL funny tew dem. Wii just need tew knoes dat wii hav a grayte place and frens and dat uvvers ar walkum adn wii walkum awl frens.

  7. Ur absolutlee rite, ai haz a shamed tew sai teh troll ober teh weekend goaded meh inno respondin but ai sees teh wizdum uv jus ignorifyin tehm. Tehn hoapfullee teh wil jus leeve wen noe wun respondz tew tehm.
    Wii haz a awsum plaice fer havin fun an mus nawt let a few eeediots ruin it fer uz

    • The wine. Or at least a deep bitters.
      Sprinkle them with fried capers (get the big capotes) to give them some kind of character, since they are naturally lacking in any.

  8. *still laffing at Theo’s comment*

    Ai udderlee agrees wif hur majestee and will hence4th nawt feed any trolls. Ai WILL hug cheezpeeps and brake into song spontaneously and mabbeh do an ebil littlol Jerman folkdans, but ai will nawt feed teh trolls. Cheezland is too wunnermus to be ruined or borked by a fjoo unpleasant indivichooals.

  9. Ohai. Ai just red dis after (ub coarse) replying to teh “photoshopped” commint awn “Breaking News.” Gud idee abawt ignoring teh trolls. Mennee aer noobies, liek wuz sed.

    Ai doo haz kwestyuns abawt pairing wines wif trolls…red or white?

  10. Nawt feedin trolls maykes purrfekt sense. Taykes grayte restraynt, but dat commint floatin awl baiitsownself sez moar dan ennyfing a cheezfren can ebber say. A troll is nawt gung bii chaynged bai owr wurds, happytail or nawt. If wii donut plai gaymes wiffem, dey will lose innerst. If dey donut an get meen, wii report dem an dey go’way fer a wile until dey mayke a gnu nayme an mebbe can has a gnu attitude.

    Az fer teh whine wif troll…Zeller Schwartz Katz goes well.

  11. Ai agree wiff teh no-feeding rool, adn awl teh gud suggeschuns bein postifyd heer.

    Wun fing ai wud lyk tu poynt owt is relayted tu Tessm’s advys, adn dat is tu nawt let trollishness bekum contayjus. If u tawk TU a troll, itz beri ezee tu start tawkin LYK a troll. Du nawt gib dem dis power ober u!

    Wen ai wuz noo tu Cheezland, ai tryd reforming teh trollz in barius wayz. But ai fownd dat juss getz uglee fast, kuz deyr nawt reeseptib tu reform wen deyr bein trollish. Awl it duz iz mess up teh fred. Derez wun troll ahm still wurkin on, tho, kuz he wuz a link-tu-my-blog troll. U mite remember him – teh “noted skolar” guy. So ai went dere adn hab bin commentin on himz posts, but heez juss as stoopy dere as he wuz heer. O well, at leest itz himz syt gettin trolld, nawt owrz, adn mebbe himz audiens will get sum benefit frum mai cheezy wizdum ;). Ai kallz it “rebers trolling,” but u still has tu be karful nawt to behayb trollishlee! Dat wud gib dem teh rong impreshun ob wut it meenz tu be a Cheezpeep.

    Tessm’s advys ob tawking ABOWT teh troll can wurk better, but eben den it can fill up teh fred wiff troll-relaytd tawk insted ob cheez-relatd tawk. A slite varyashun ob dat advys dat akshullee wurked fur me wuz tu pik up on wut teh troll sed adn turn it into sumfin funnee. Dat way teh messij gets fru wiffowt gibbing him teh attenshun he kravz, and wiffowt provoking him tu respond defensiblee.

    It wuz a fayrlee mild troll (technobabble insted ob humor), but ai fink it akshullee wurkd owt well fur a change, adn gibs a gud egzampul ob wut ai meen. Ai suppoze dis is kloser to Teho’s (Theo’s) comment abowt eeting dem, so purrhaps dis is teh proper etikit fur duin dat. Letz see if ai can get teh linkee rite…


    Most ob teh tym, iz best tu ignore dem, but sumtymz u juss kant let sumfing go unchallenjd. Dere ar menee tymz wen a post duzznt get enee replyz, nawt bekawz itz trollish but juss bekawz it wuzznt funee enuf to get burgerz or snerks, or wuzznt open-ended enuf to start itz own fred, but is still an akseptibul post. Mebbe wud be gud to hab a way ob replying tu sumfing dat shudnt be konsidered akseptibul wiffout provoking furver trollishness, but ahm nawt shoor wut it shud be. Mebbe a littul warning dat “comments mite disappeer below dis lebel”, tu indikate the post mite be remobed as inappropreat, so dont comment heer anymoor.

  12. Tankew, ur majistee, foar teh moar ritins wut bees beri privokin ob teh thots. Ai awlso preesheeaytid ebreewuns commints – mennee tings ai nawt has a considdurd bowt bfoar. Ai noes ai has teh diffikults to NAWT rispawnd tu teh trollz (ai beri protektib ob frens [gud]; awlso kumpelld tu ‘koarekt’ peepul [nawtsogud]), an ai tinks ai has awlso laebuld sum tu kwiklee risintlee, sow dis gibs mii sumfing ai niids tu pae moar tenshuns tu in maisefl. Ai prollee niids tu aks maisefl nawt jus wut bees mai mowtifs inna rispawns, butt (*!*) wai ai tinks a rispawns bees teh nisiseree atawl. Ai wurks awn dis.

  13. Ai haz a happy 2 reed bowt teh trollz. Teh uddr day ai saw t3h fraez “caek in teh breakroom” in a thread, and ai wuz moar cornfuzd tehn uzawl.
    P.S. Eyes maekin nawt sekkund try 2 haz bloo naem. Hope eyem doin it rite. iffn not ai will reed strukshunz agin. Ai iz tryen hard 2 B good newb chezpeep. Ai be reedin teh wiki nd uddr edumakashun wen haz tiem, sew ai can bekum smartr.

  14. er actually npo = nil per os = nothing by mouth so nil per trolls = “nothing by trolls” which really doesn’t make much sense. Strictly speaking we should say “Non nutritor trolls” which is a bit strictly “Do not feed the trolls” so more in the mode of brevity, “nothing for trolls” would be “nusquam pro trolls” and properly abreviated n.p. trolls or graphically, “a troll rampant upon a field of black, enscribed ‘pro troll’ encircled with crimson and stricken by the bar dexter of equal crimson hue.” This may have the delicious consequence of making trolls think that it is something in favor of trolls … hee heee hehe… ooo, except for the bar banishing pro troll behaviour. Of course we could use the bar sinister of bastardy, as well. That one few would recognize!

    Anyway. Yah. A troll is someone who posts quite deliberately to offend as much of a membership as possible. He then gets together with other members of his painfully pimpled brotherhood to snivel at his own rapier wit in referring to (usu) bodily functions and the requisite body parts that are responsible for said function.

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