Esme Passez

March 5th, 2009 at 4:20 pm

O hai, guise. I has some news. My Esme died in my arms this evening. She had been rapidly declining for several days so I knew this would happen sometime very soon.

Thanks to all of you for sending us your love and good wishes over the past year as she braved surgery and chemo. It has been a huge comfort to me. One of the last things I told Esme was that she was so wonderful that she had friends and fans all over the world.

If you would like to honor her memory, a donation to the shelter I adopted her from would be appreciated. I have created a tribute page for Esme and her former companion cat Jethro at firstgiving dot com. Click my name for the link.


23 thoughts on “Esme Passez

  1. Oh, LCB, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how long you struggled to help her. Esme will be waiting for you in Princess Mu Meadow on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, where all kittehs are healthy and happy, playing and frolicking in the grass.


    Lubs & a warm floofy blankie,


  2. LCB, my heart reaches out to you. You were the best mom to Esme, doing all you could to help her and to make her comfortable. She will be playing in teh Princess Mu Meadow with Jethro and Tully, just waiting for your arrival. She was well loved, and loved well.
    {{{{{LCB}}}}}} {{{{{{Esme}}}}}

  3. Ohai LCB, Esme fought the good fight, with all the love and care from you to do so. When it was time for her to lay down her burden, your love and care allowed her to do so. Saying goodbye to a furry friend hurts so much, even when we know it’s the right thing to do.


  4. LCB, I am so very sad that Esme lost her long battle with this horrible disease. We all send our love to you; you know how much a part of our lives you are…we grieve with you. {{{LCB}}}

  5. LCB, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Even though it is hard to watch one you love slip away, I know that Esme knew how much you love her and it made her passing easier for her. You are in my thoughts and I grieve with you. Tabitha and Missy send their sympathies, too.

  6. Oh, dear hart – I shayrs yor sad. I puts yor paw in myne and holds on tite & walks besyd yoo throo these darkest, saddest days. Holding yoo close in mah hart, cheezlub frum yor Gremlin {{{LCB & Esme & Liam}}

  7. Deerest LCB, yu and Esme am in mai thots….
    Ai noe yu did ebberyfing and den sum tu halp hur.
    Yu am a gud kittehmahm.
    Esme will be in gud companee obber teh bridge. Shelly teh Borg Turtlol and manny otters gawn beefour will be wayting tu greet hur dere!

  8. {{{{{{LCB,Liam}}}}}}}
    I am so sorry to hear about Esme going over the Bridge.
    She had a very happy and wonderful life with you.She knew she was loved and you gave her the very best life.
    Go well ,Esme.

  9. Ohai LCB, You have been a wonderful human for Esme, and gave her not only everything she needed, but the one thing that she really wanted — the love of someone who appreciated the gift that she was. Thank you for being such a special person in her life, and for sharing the highs and lows you experienced while helping her fight this last battle. You will be in the hearts of many, whose hearts you have touched. { { { { { { LCB } } } } } } Hugz n cheezluv, FreeLion / Wiz (Roger)

  10. {{{{lcb}}}}
    i know esme is playing with lupa in the meadow now, it’s hard for us but they are watching over us, and are pain-free and happy. hang in there.

  11. I am sure that the “real” Cassidy and her calico sister Spooky are helping Esme learn her way around the Meadow. You were/are a wonderful kitty mommy, and Esme must have known how much she was loved.

    Hugs to you and to Liam.

  12. { { { { LCB an Liam } } } }
    Sew sorry tu heer bowt Esme. Yu haz bin such a grate mawm tu her, an ai kin imajin hao difikult it mus be tu sai bai. Mah owld fat floofy Pippolo be dere awn teh odder side ub teh raynbo brij, taekin caer ub Esme an showin her grate snoozin spots (he knoes teh bestest wuns). Neks tiem ai goes tu teh kitteh shelter in Mumbai, ai gibs demz sum munnys in Esme’s memry, k?

  13. My Dear LCB,

    I’m so sorry to learn of the loss of your beloved Esme. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you struggle to come to grips with her loss. {{{{{{{{LCB}}}}}}}}

    Lots of cheezluv,

    Sarah B.

  14. Ah LCB and Liam, how sad furr u boths. All da kettehs already ober da bridge to be wayting to welcome Esme. She bees in gud company nao. Mii an mai bebes be sending warm yellow rays to uz furr comforting. Wii has a sad furr uz.

  15. LCB,Aiz sew sawree! Eet b berree sad wen yer kitteh frend krossiz teh bridj butt yew kin still see tem in teh medow. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{LCB}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  16. oh, lcb – dere iz nuffin ai kan sai dat hazn’t awreddy ben sayd…sew ai will just sai ai iz bery sawry {{{{{{{lcb & Esme & Liam}}}}}}}

  17. so sawry yewr behheh had tew goes ober teh bridge. {{{Esme}}} Mai aiez leeking fur yew. {{{{LCB}}}}} If yew beez bery still, yew might feel Esme jump up onna bed at niet tew curl up wif yew. Esme still wif yew — naow iz just awl teh tiem.

  18. Dearest LCB,
    You gave Esme the greatest gift of all…unconditional love. I’ll send my old orange (not poison) floofy cat Pouncr to show her around the meadow. I know you feel pretty helpless right now but you did everything humanly possible. Some things we just can’t fix. Darn it.

  19. LCB, I am so sorry to hear of Esme’s passing. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time. {{{{LCB}}} {{{Liam}}}

    Cat – choklitmonster

  20. oh, LCB, we so sorry to heer dis. while we can’t knoes just what you feel, we gots a sense, as our cassiepurr mobed to da bridge last thursday–mebbe esme were one ob da BridgeKit furriends dat met her……. we glad she were in yur arms, cuz we tink dat’s da best playce fur dem to journey frum if at all pawsible….

    GLOW to heal your heart–she not need it no more, as she young and healfy and in da bestest playce fur what she meant to do now.

    MC and all 18 tenhousecats

  21. {{{{{LCB, Esme, & Liam}}}}}
    I’m so sorry to hear about Esme, LCB. I know you’re taking comfort in the fact that she’s no longer suffering — but I also know there’s a hole in your heart now. My Jennyanydots, Manny, and Nina are certainly in the Meadow to show Esme around & to take her under their furry … um … care. Esme was a very lucky kitty to have you as a Mama & I KNOW she knew that. Hugs & healing vibes are being sent to you from sunny SoCal!

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