Maine Coon Needz Gnu Home

gmawgs says:

Ohai, Iz mainlee coon picshur in mai papur hoo needs furebbur haom. Naim iz Sylvester. Hiz mawm looz hur hoaws nd cant kepe him. dis in San Jose, Ca. Hur emayo is If ennywun can wantz nais pritty boi nd iz clos enuf…….


Mama Catz Gnu Catz

Dis b kumming in mai emayoz dis morning frum MamaCat:

I have two new rescue kittehs, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum, White with tiger is Dee, Tiger with whiter is Dum. They are about 7 weeks old.

I also have 4 brand new kittehs, born Tuesday morning. Three girls and one boy.

Please also, very strong Splort alert if looking at the pics! I have one pic of each in My Pics in my   profile.

Portland Cheezmeet Update

tessm says:

ohai! mai ai borrow this spot pls? kthx.
Wun moar tyme for short PDX cheezmeet nounsemint!
we can has PDX cheezmeet at Powell’s on Caturday afternoon! around 1:00-ish inna cafe secshun.
ai has red hair and will ware mai chococat tshurt so ai shud be eezey too find!
*has an excited*
OK, bak to the gud commints. Fankyoo.

catslave says:

Ohai Tessm I will nawt be hard to find either Is 6 foot 2 inches wif long hare ( silber in color) will ware RED tea shirt! I haz an excited tew!!

Halp Feed deh Shelter Aminlolz

tessm says:

ohai guise! ai wud lyke too let everywun noes abowt a site whut halps wiv feeding shelter animals (kittehs AND goggies).
you go answer trivia kweschun, an RITE OAR RONG!! they donaytes fud!
Toodae’s Kitteh Kweschun:
The “Spotted” Tabby is one of _____ different Tabby patterns.
A. 5
B. 9
C. it’s the only one
D. 2
Ansur: The Spotted Tabby is one of 5 different Tabby patterns (Mackerel, Spotted, Ticked, Classic and Patched)

Matt Haz a Donor!!

Elsa_Mama says:

He is still in the hospital — over 2 months now since last Chemo. His white clood coiunts are not recovering and they do not want him to go home. They are worried he cold get an infection that might postpone his bone marrow transplant. He is VERY crabby. They are taking him off of Delaudid which is a narcotic pain drug, so he is going thru some withdrawl … His transplant is scheduled for early to mid August. The first donor did not respond to the Registry’s communication, but the secodn one did and is on board….

Ed. Note:  Deh cween iz duing a HYOOG dans uv joy!!  Dans, dans, dans!! Disinfekkted hugz and schmoooz tu Matt!

Africat’z Babeh-Kitteh Update

AfriCat says:

Ohai Nennepus! Alls weel so far fanks. Ai jus don get enuf tyme to spend wif hur, butt(!) furrtunatelee itz mai weekend, soe lotz of teenee tinee pointee ends walkin all ober mee an teene tinee wiskurs tiklin my eers an teenee tinee purrs an snorgles. ’sall gud! :)

~  Ed note: Much sillinessez skippinged ~

Portland CheezMeet, Part 2

tessm says:

Ohai everywun!

JD has taken the init… inish… JD has reelee gotten the ball rolling, aifinkso!! So, we can has PDX cheezmeet at Powell’s on Caturday afternoon! Say, around 1:00-ish?

Wee will have to figure owt eggsacklee how and wher wee will akshullee meet. Mebbe in teh kitteh buuk sekshun? Mebbe wee awl grab copees of cheezburger buuk to hold inna store? ;)

Here is list uv OR area cheezpeeps frum teh cween’s gooooogly map. Everywun iz welcum! *has an excited*

2minions – Portland, Oregon
Big Gladys – Portland, Oregon
CatSlave – Beaverton, Oregon
Divakitty123 – Salem, Oregon
JD – Portland, Oregon
Kitten Whisperer – Eugene, Oregon
momcat n fishykitteh – West Linn, Oregon
DarthMommy – Portland, Oregon
Teasel – Salem, Oregon
Tessm – Beaverton, Oregon