Dis b frum Bom_Momme:

I just got a message. Elsa_Mama’s boi Matt is very sick and could use all the beems and prayers.
Here is her post on the hospital update.

Ok everyone — Matt needs your very best and fiercest prayers.  Your get down on your knees and beg for a miracle prayers.  He has a new mass in his sinus and they are doing a biopsy tomorrow.  There are not many good answers to the question of what it is, but I have to believe there is at least one good answer – otherwise why are they doing a biopsy??

They are loading him up with Vitamin K and will give him fresh frozen plasma and 4 units of platelets to control his bleeding.  I will post when I know anything more.  But Matt told me not to worry – he will survive this.  But, he pretty upset though that everytime he starts to get better someting new goes wrong …

Halp deh Kittehz

Dis b kumming tu mii frum rew in mai profile messijez:

Ohai cween! A few of us (mamagwyn, noobeh, cattails, doodlipoo, romeow and more) have a pretty exciting fing goin on on myspace fur shelter animals, sharing stories and tips on hao tu help. I was wonderin if you might be innerestid in givin us a shout onna Cryer so uvvers kn join us dere. Its kinda a ICHC projek fur alla us called Icanhasluv, usin da blog tu connect an tawk an help if we kn.

So here ya go!!!  Check owt dese linkz:

I can has luv Profile

I can has luv Blog