KCT haz Weelee Walker

ohai KCT!! how are yoo feeline today? *schmoo*

O fank u, burfday fairy! Ai is gedding beddur awn mai leg ebbery dai! Sun teh ferapist will get meh bak awn a cain. Mai walker is bak awn weels agin…didnt hab weels at nurfing hoem as ai wuz nawt strawng enuf. Hao ar u? *schmooooooo*


3 thoughts on “KCT haz Weelee Walker

  1. YAY!! Yu gitted wheels! Now, don’t bii speedin around an run enniwun down. 😀 I am sooo happi tu hear yu are progressing!!! Yu’ll been runnin round awn yur own in notime!!!

  2. Hi, there! I am VERY fond of Uhura’s Song–husbear and i refer to it as “cAt People”! So i know who you are through that. I wanted to tell you how much i appreciated your word to Elsa_Mama—it is good to know you walk with the LORD, too. If you can get a hold of a copy of Paul E. Bilheimer’s “Don’t Waste Your Sorrows”, it addresses that very thing. GOD bless you, dear heart! When we are allowed to go through a lengthy healing process, we know that GOD is doing a big work in our lives!
    In Him—
    Love—janey (altosinger)

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