Matt’z Noo Therapy


Ai haz had da honor ob keepin da peeps yupdated on EM”s boi Matt. Jus gotted dis new yupdate. :smile:

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful messages. It helps to know how much everyone loves my dear boy!

Matt is much happier out of the hospital. He is still tired but much less agitated.

Most important – Matt is starting a new antibiotic therapy today. It is based on a the life work of a now retired infectious disease doctor that the mutation that causes AML is due to a bacteria in the cell. The antibiotic is readily available and is used for drug resistant TB. This is an unproven theory – but I am an optimist and we should see results quickly. Matt took his first dose this afternoon.

The traditional therapies have failed – it is time to start with the new. Pray pray pray pray and hope til it hurts!!

Life is the biggest scariest rollercoaster of them all — but I think Matt is up to the ride.