LBT: Star Warz

skwirrlgrrl says:

Ohai again!!!!

Next week, one Toosday the 21st, at the 9 am ICHC Time LOL (Noon Pasific, 1 pm Mounting Tymez, 2 pm Sentral Time,  3pm Eestern Time, 8 pm TTI Tyme) we will has the premeer of our latest LBT produckshun: Star Warz!

Aftur much deliberashun, the working title will be: Understudy Tiffs! (fanx to LCB)

We has started casting.. Some parts has been filled, but we have some open still!!
We already has
two_kittehs cast in the roll of Prinsess Leia… she has her sininininiimon buns all ready.
Chewy Bacca: Ambercat
R2D2 (cud possibly be combined wif C3PO if we don’t get enuf actors…in which case it wud be RC23DP2O) – CaramelChef
Yodi-Aahz Kittobeh- Aahz
Jd- roll to be named latur

But we still needs:
Han So Low
And of corse there is always the villain… Dark eVader!!

Obviussly we has an overabun dunce of parts for men, but u does not have to be a men to play a mens roll.
That’s why it’z called acting!!
If any of u has an interest in playin any of these rolls, plz to speak up!!

lunarmommy says:

ohai, i will re-postify dis becawz it wuz at end ob last LOL:

hey, brewski being heer haz gibbed me a idea, for teh peeples hoo iz organizifying teh Low Budjit Theyater fing: mebbee culd invte teh nice faylblog peeps if tehy wants to partys – pastysi -parpisi – joyn in. an remind tehm taht if tehy haznt posted on ICHC before tehy shold make tehms furst post well in advanse, like teh day before, to redoose tehms danjur ob being nommed by wurdpress. i rebember wen we had teh formula LOL rayse, sum tryed to joyn in but gotted moderatifyed owt ob egg sis tents.


4 thoughts on “LBT: Star Warz

    • ohai plasticat! long time no see!! ifinkso yoo just posts on ICHC an tellz skwrlgrl wut yoo wants to do. if han so low is takend, tehr kan being many ovver rollz, yoo kan being in teh band or wun ob teh pie lots or wuteber yool liek!

    • ifinkso wut yoo duz iz desides wut roll yoo want to be – postify on ICHC wen skwrlgrl iz on to letting her kno – an tehn yoo just shows up an duz yor part weneber it seemz approyprut!! (teh LBT iz uzualy improz – imporv – maded up az yoo go along)

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