Rais fur Liyf

Ambercat says:

We innerupt this LOL to maek to foLOLowin Nouns Mint bowt Teh Rayse Fur Lyf

Larst Caturdai mornink (miggul ob the nyt, fur the Merkin peeps), Tidmum, TehAngstyWun an me wolked 5km, arownd a contree park, in Swine Town. An ebery step we tuk raisd munnees fur Cancer Research UK. It awlso raised blisters but we dint cayr; we kept goin enneewai!! Tidmum has the varry cuss vanes anna borkd bak; TehAngstyWun has the fibro my ouchia; an mai pelvis has been miss teary us lee replaised wiv cheesy wotsits – butt(!) we awl kept goin to the end.

Between us, we haz raisd abowt £1000 ($1622)

Tomorro, SJ/Martoonie dus her Rayse Fur Lyfe at Hyde Park, in Lunnon. She has raised a fur nommy nul amownt awlreddy – ober £1000 awl bai hersef!!! – butt (!) wudn’t sai “no” to mor sponsors!

Awl owr sponsor paijes R still “lyv”, tho myn an Tidmum’s an TehAngstyWun’s will go doan verree sune, so if yu wud lyk to sponsor ennee ob us,using deze linkeez:

To sponsor me (Ambercat), plees to go heer

To sponsor SJ, plees to go heer

To sponsor Tidmum, plees to go heer

Teh Angsty Wun has gawn LYV! Her awnlyn sponsor payj is

Mennee cheezfrenz has been affected bai cancer, heers juss a fyoo hoo cud Benny Fit form ennee munnies yu can spayr fur Cancer Research UK (Ai kno it’s a Brit charridy, but they is verree gud at playin nyse an shairing wiv odders!)

Elsa-Mama’s Matt
Cassidy an Hubcat