Star Wars Last Call

skwirrlgrrl says:

I innerupts this thred for LAST CALL

TOMORROW, at the 3 PM EST LOL, we will has the premeer of our latest LBT produckshun: Star Warz!
Aftur much deliberashun, the working title will be: Understudy Tiffs! (fanx to LCB)

We has started casting.. Some parts has been filled, but we have some open still!!
We already has
two_kittehs cast in the roll of Prinsess Leia… she has her sininininiimon buns all ready.
Chewy Bacca: Ambercat
R2D2 (cud possibly be combined wif C3PO if we don’t get enuf actors…in which case it wud be RC23DP2O) – CaramelChef
Yodi-Aahz Kittobeh- Aahz
Jd- roll to be named latur
Eeck: Deth Pebble

And in a speshul cameo, a failblogger… what roll yet, we don’t know eether!

But we still needs:
Han So Low
Dark eVader!!

Obviussly we has an overabun dunce of parts for men, but u does not have to be a men to play a mens roll.
That’s why it’z called acting!!
If any of u has an interest in playin any of these rolls, plz to speak up!!

Upfi says:

Pweeeze, can ai be Dart eVader? Listen: chhhhh chhhh … chhhh.!!!!

skwirrlgrrl says:

oooh!!! yes yes yes upfi!
awesome, Ifinkso I has peeple for all teh main rolls now!

BUT there is enuf rolls for unlimited peeples, if anyone else wants in!!

Upfi says:

*quickly crawls off to do sum background reading*