BDM haz a JOB

Ohai mah cheezfrens!
Ai haz happitayl ‘nowns mint! Ai haz a fool thyem mafs teechifyin jawb offer fur elebentee munnies. (Ai menshund dish erlee-er tewdai, butt (hehehe) ai has such an egg sited ai haz tew share eht agin wif mah cheezfrens, in case N E buddee didnt sea.

Plz tew beh halping meh sillibrate wif cheezburgers and noms and bebrajez and nip!

Sunny iz Beddur

*AHEM* Sunny is beddur. Lawts beddur an Dr Tinycat sez Sunny’s test ar gud 2. *WHEW* Feevur down. Eeting & drinking. Nao ifn Ai cud get Tiem Warner wud werk! Cattailss’ Hubbeh left thare pyooter an nawt werk well. So wi knoes is modem an nawt pyooter. {{{{{cheezfrens}}}}}}

Kitteh in DC needs a home

This message comes from Sunny, who was at the October 2008 DC Zoo Cheezmeet:

I am trying to find a GOOD home for a 10 month old sweet little male kitteh. He is up to date on all his shots and neutered. He is good natured, affectionate, and no trouble at all. He loves chasing string, sleeping under the covers, and listening to the radio (r&b mostly, chaka khan especially).

Cheezpeeps are a good bunch, so I am reaching out to this community first. So if you or any1 you know is interested, please contact or

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