BDM haz a JOB

Ohai mah cheezfrens!
Ai haz happitayl ‘nowns mint! Ai haz a fool thyem mafs teechifyin jawb offer fur elebentee munnies. (Ai menshund dish erlee-er tewdai, butt (hehehe) ai has such an egg sited ai haz tew share eht agin wif mah cheezfrens, in case N E buddee didnt sea.

Plz tew beh halping meh sillibrate wif cheezburgers and noms and bebrajez and nip!


One thought on “BDM haz a JOB

  1. Yea fore da fool tyme job, U wii’ll be da bestest teachur, ifinksew. Jus remememeber dat lolspeek in da cass nawtsewgudifink.

    Smooz, hedbonks an {{{{{hugs}}}}}


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