Halp Ollie

Dis b kumminged in mai emayo.  dis lubblee kitteh boi livez in deh WashingMachine, DC area and b needing a knew home.

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce you to Ollie. Awww, isn’t he so cute? He needs a home and someone to love him.


A little back-story, basically  through a series of emails, facebook and of six degrees of separation, Yvette and I became involved in this little bugger’s life.  She took him in first and then I volunteered to take him to see if my resident cat, Naomi, would like a little companion.  Ollie has made himself quite at home with me and stole my heart, just not Naomi’s. Since then Yvette and I have been his co-foster mommy’s, but we are seeking a permanent home for this cute little kitty. The original family who adopted him kept him for awhile, but then it became too much of a strain on them. Later, the woman admitted that Ollie endured some mistreatment by her mean husband.

Despite it all, Ollie is a super friendly 10-month-old indoor cat who takes easily to humans. His favorite things are sitting really close to you while you watch TV, curling up in the bed next to you (but he also doesnt mind sleeping on his cat bed), playing in the empty bathtub and rolling around on the floor. He loves attention and will purr his heart out for a little under the chin scratching action. He enjoys eating canned food and dry food. I have had no problems getting him to use his litter box or his scratching pad. He is neutered and has been to the vet for all of his vaccinations. He would be an excellent addition to a loving and compassionate household.

If you or someone you know is interested in opening their heart and home to this little poo-poo pie Ollie, please contact us ASAP.


Sunny & Yvette

To see more pics of ollie go to:

Matt at Home

Dis b frum Bom_Momme via deh emayoz:

Hello Everyone.  Not much to report.  Matt is much happier at home and out of the hospital.  He seems to be doing better at home.  But since I do not know what “should be” happening I do not know how to judge what IS happening.

All that matters is that Matt is alert, appears to have more energy.  He thinks the growth in his mouth may be smaller – it is not larger.  He got red blood and platelets on Friday.  We will have to see if he can keep the numbers up by himself.

Angel tu DrTinyToofVet

Ohai guis,

I know I haven’t been around much. Been holding off a bad mood crash mostly by force of will and keeping too distracted to think. (I do have SCP pics to put in the blog from a couple of days ago, and I’m going to try to get them up today.)

Ai can ask fur beems fur Angel? She’s spending the day wif Dr TinyVet whu is being Dr TinyToofVet today — she has at least 4, mebbe more, bad teefs (they haz “neck lesions” which be berry berry painful, lyk root canal — iz nawt purrventabul fing, just happins). So she’s having teefs removed, which meens full anesfe… anis… her gunna sleep fru it.

Her will be back tu eeting crunchifuds soon, but her gunna be sore fur a cupple days, an her waz berry upset last nite coz her cud nawt haz fud (her gets berry berry ankshus about fud).

Yu can spare a few gud thots fur her?