Matt Update


Just got the latest on Elsa_Mama’s Matt
Well, OK. Matt’s white blood count went up from .3 on Monday to 1.8 today. This is the first time it has gone up in almost 3 months. The hospice nurse says – that number does not make any sense. But, this is what we were looking for with the new treatment. So, that is good news. 30% of those white cells are immature blasts (bad white cells) – but that still leaves him with about 1/4 the normal amount of white cells. A huge improvement.
What does this mean? I do not know. No one knows. We do know that Matt is still VERY sick. More blood was drawn and Dr. Canner will be looking at it tomorrow and talking with the doctor with the new treatment.
There is still concern about the pressure in his brain and how to treat the blasts since he is so sick. But, something is happening and I choose to be excited about it. More tomorrow.

Angel iz Gitting Bedder

‘Parintly Seanya waz tu bizzy tu giv updaets.

Angel-grrl iz EATING!!! She getting 1/4 can Fansea Feest ebree 2 owrs oar so wif a lil water tu make it gushier, an her just nommed daon her 3rd wun since coming hoam. Her drink watter and use litter boks, tu. Her nawt thrilled bowt oral meds, eben pain meds, but oberall, her be much much moar alert an cheerful an friendly than her waz! Her staying isolated fur a lil whyle, so no wun trai ressling oar sumfing. Her spost tu nawt haz kruncheefuds fur 1 tu 2 weeks, dunno hao we gunna arrange THAT wif teh uvver kittehs.

Ennywai, her duing AWSUM!!!!!! An ai shur her fanks ebreewun whu been sending her awl teh gud wishes an beems!!!

Gud Nuuz on Seberal Fruntz

*ROLSROLSROLS* O hai prysma-kitteh! {{{{{{prysma-kitteh}}}}}}} Sunny is mush beddur an is nomming Inky’s gushi fuds as well as hiz own. Hao ar u? Ai getz 2 go down teh steps todai wif teh PT!

Woohoo fur yu an Sunny bof! (Plz tu haz a caerful awn teh steps!!!) Nomming iz gudgudgud fing!!!!!

Ai iz otay — mai Angel-girrl coming home soon, her at DrTinyVet obernite coz her had NINE teefs pulled!!! Ai haz 3 uver kittehs plus 4 foster-babycats, but ai still miss mai Angel-grrl! An ai only haz WUN moar class (tuday) an tehn 120 owrs uv wurk placement at Humayn Sosietee an tehn ai graduamated Vet Assistint! :D

Adn a kwikkee update:

Yay, off tu bring Angel-grrl hoam! Will nawt haz time tu be back til aftur grooming class (will be sprized if ai eben make it tehre awn time) but will try tu get Seanya tu gib yu gnus. Schmoos!!!