Matt Lozez Deh Battlol

kimkiwi says:

Ohai cheezfrenz. has jist got notificated taht Elsa_Momma’s braev and mutch loved bebbeh Matt haz passed awae.

Ai hazza big sad.

kimkiwi says:

Heer is copy of teh notification:

After 10 months of bravery and strength Matt has gone to be with his Heavenly Father. He passed quietly in his sleep.

His fight is over, his pain is gone, he is at peace.

I love him so very much.

Is on

Eva deh Diva Magnitz

ai hazza liddlol nounsmint…

fer teh VLC Cheezmeet, wii mayd liddlol Eva teh Diva Fan Club magnits. Wii used teh pic on mai profyle uf Eva sleeping wif her green Wubba. Wii hazza few uf teh magnits left, if ne Eva fans wuld liek wun…just leeve mii a messij awn mai profyle, or if yu are awn faysbuuk, yu kan leeve mii a messij dere!

wii now return yu to yur reg…rig…ushooal sillinisses!