Memorial furr Matt

heer are teh balloons for teh baloloon releese tomorrow after teh 2 minnits ob silense for matt.

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tehy are in many shapes, sizes an colurs. also heer are markers for riting a messij on tehm.

reminder: dis will being at 4am Cheez time, 7am Pafisik time (also burfday fairy time), 10am Eestern time, 3pm TTI time, an 4pm Yoorup time. for 2 minnits plz only to post a blank commint (poynty brakket ober teh comma, poynty brakket over teh peryud, sumwun plz correkt me if dis iz rong) or Matt’s name. after, we will releesing teh baloloons into teh meddow. kthx. (dis messij will repeet on teh nekst LOL so evreewun kan getting teh baloolns.)

oh, an if yoo kannot being tehr at taht time, yoo kan come ober later an relees yor baloloon wen eber wurks for yoo.

And dis b frum deh Fais Book cheezeepeepz groop:

July 27th Matt, Elsa_Mama’s 14 year old son, lost his 10 month fight aganst leukaemia. Throughout this time Elsa_Mama, and Matt, showed great strength and dignity, kept strong by their faith.

Elsa_Mama sought light relief in ICHC, and we took her to our hearts and many of us cried with her when we heard of Matt’s passing.

A funeral mass will be held for Matt on Saturday 1st Aug at 9.30am, Chicago time. As so few of us can be there in person, I propose we show our respects at the nearest timed LOL – that will be 2am (ICHC time) /10am(EST)/ 3pm(TTI)/ 4pm(Rest of Europe).

WordPress won’t let you post an empty comment, so we can’t do a 2 minute “Silence” as such, instead please post just the name “Matt”, in a separate comment box, for the first 2 minutes of the LOL. I will post an explanation, similar to this, as the first comment.


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