Skeedadlol ZOOmeet

dis landinged in mine emayoz tuday while I wuz owt shopping fur grow surriez.

Ohail, mai cween! Ai can has a nownsmint?

Wii is habbing a Skedaddle ZOOMeet awn Caturday at elebenty oklok! Ai am bisiting Skedaddle and wood lubs tu meet wif owr cheezfrenz! Kiwican is cumming frum teh land ob Victoria, and Darthmommy is spowzed tu cumming up frum Portaland. Ai noes wii has lawts of cheezfrenz in Skedaddle – Jamamakitty meeted wif me last yeer, butt Panfer wuz nawt feline well. Mrrphh sez she wunts tu coming, too!

Wii will meeting at teh Zoo Store at elebenty oklok awn Caturday teh 8th, rain oar shyne! Kum and joyn us, plskthx?

Lubs & eggsyted butt-wiggle,



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