* scamper scamper scamper *
* climbs awn littlol soapbawx *
* flicks thru paypurs *
* micrololfone fudbakk *


Ohai Cheezfrends! Hao yu awl is todai? Gud? Gud! Nao, iffn ai kin has yur tenshuns fur a minnit, plzthx?

Ahem! Maus, plz tu step awai frum taht sink…

* unfurls banner *

taht’s rite, mai littlol furreh frends! is thyme fur an otter grate Cheezland ebent!!! but but but tihs thyme, yu has tu guess whut eet is awl abowt!!!

Plz tu be heer awn Mundane teh 31nd Oargust awn teh 6am Cheezthyme LOL fur whut prowmisses tu bii TEH… GRATEST… SHOW… AWN… ERF… EBBER!!! (prolly)

Fankies! :lol:


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