Deesizzion Time fur Elsa_Mama

Elsa_Mama says:


Git ur beeg Nouce Mints heer!!!

Iz maeded a deesizzion — I gonna goez frum a 2 goggie haus to a 2 goggie AND 2 Kitteh haus…. YEA!

I foundeded owt da I nawt allergiac ta da kitteh no morez… I wuznt whened I gotted Mii Elsa (I wuz elebenty minus wun) butt den I wuz inna da college :( I wood bisit mii Elsa an my ayes wood swell upz…

Butt now I nawt agin (Mii brudder haz da kittehs an NO sneezies oar swelled upz ayes …

Ifinkso I git blackie and whitey kittehs ta matchify mii blackie and whitie goggies….


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