YNGz Unfurl Banner

*loud microfone feedback*

Sry ’bout that. But now that I has ur tensions, I has a announcement to announcify.

*YNGs unfurl banner*

“Whut’s that stand for, LCB?” u axe? Well, I will tells u. It stands for “We Can Has Benefit Consert for Stoopy Pleh Real Life Syndromes, O Yesh Yesh Yesh”

As u knowes, many Cheezfrenz is afflicticated from time to time wif teh dread RLS and cannot play wif us when they wants to. O noes!!1! So we has decided to does something about it.

“Whut will u does, LCB?” u axe. Well, I will tells u that too.

On Monday, teh 31th of August, at teh 6am Cheeztime Lol*, we will celebrate 3 Hours of Music and Mud at our very own Cheezstock concert! U heard. There will be teh usual food, drinks and merriments. Possibly some orange catnip, so watch out. Also music from some of ur favorite Cheezartists, who will preform some new songs wif a late-sixties and/or RLS theme and some of ur fave songs from events gone by.

“Hay, I wanna do a song, LCB” u axe, even though that’s not a kwestion. Well, I will tells u that u can. To make sure we don’t all does teh same song, u can rite to me, teh Musical Misdirectifier, at lolcatburglar at gmail dot com, wif teh name of teh song u wants to does. U can also send us ur song for us to praise, if u like. We will send u instructions before teh event on when you is scheduled to preform.

If u wanna does a song but need some idears, we has those also. Just rite and axe.

“Can I request a favorite song from teh past?” u axe, which is a kwestion. Yes, yes u can. Rite to teh number above and we’ll do whut we can. We might even be able to does dedications.

So get ur grooviest clothes ready and be there or be square. STN

*6am Cheeztime (Hawaii)
*9am West Coast Merica tiem
*10am Mountain time
*11am Central
*NOON East Coast Merica tiem
*5pm TTI time
*6pm Rest of Yerp time
*7pm Riyadh
*2am Sydney (teh next day)
*4am Auckland (teh next day)

O, and can I just add that when u rites to me, plz to include ur screen name. kthxnospamplz


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