DoodliePoo’z Elmo

I fownded dis on mai profile tuday.

Deer Cween, I has sum terrible sad news. Doodlie Poo’s beloved Elmo crossed the bridge today under terrible circumstances. From her email…

Oh, Andrew, oh god, I’ve had to put Elmo to sleep – oh, I’m dying inside. He was fine yesterday but this morning he was lethargic and couldn’t go to the bathroom. No appetite. So I took him to the emergency vet, assuming that he just would need some medicine and that he would be better…. it turned out he had stones in his kidneys and his urethra and his urinary tract … The vet was wonderful and put him to sleep while he was in my arms. She said it was a congenital thing and not caused by something he was eating or drinking. I got to say goodbye. This is gonna be real tough for me to get through. I loved him more than anything.

In a lifetime of knowing cat lovers I’ve never known anybody who spoke with such love of their friend than Poo did for Elmo Macaroni, they were best of friends and meant to be together. I has a world sized sad today for Poo.

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