3kittymomma’z Daddikat

I kan ownli bee heers fur a minute, I hazza bangin headache, howebber, I need to send owt a request fur prayers, well wishes, an healing beams. My daddikat wuz rushed tu da ER fur the 3rd time tudai for yet another massive nose bleed. I’m tawlkin bath towels to absorb the blood nawt kleenex. They put 2 tubes up his nose and sent him to a specialist, which said hmm, I kan’t tell anything until wee take the tubes out which we kan’t do until Monday. Pleez gib mii $150 an come bak Mundai. Then my sister text mii an her fiancee has a CT scan tudai at 2 and they want to see him tomarrow at 8am. Nawt a gud sign as you know if you’ve ever had to deal with CT’s an MRI’s. there is something in his chest pressing against his left vocal chord and paralyzing it. sorri to be a big bummer. thanks fur listening.


3 thoughts on “3kittymomma’z Daddikat

  1. {{{{3KittyMomma & Daddikat}}}
    That sowndz bery scaree, so Ai haz a big hoep that ebryting turns owt fine. Sending lots ub positib beems to U bof.

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