Barrel Haz Heart Attack

LOLDemon says:

(Putting aside the lolspeak for the moment to discuss a un-lol matter.)

If you could, please send positive thoughts, prayers, or your preferred form of long distance support to a close friend of mine. He e-mailed yesterday to say that Barrel, one of his two beloved kitties, had died of a sudden and completely unexpected hear attack at just five years of age. The vet said that this does happen with cats sometimes for various reasons and that there was really nothing that could have been done to prevent it. I’ve known Barrel and his brother Grey since my friend adopted them at five months old. They were both friendly cats, though not the type to hop on your lap and cuddle, though they spent most nights curled up in bed with my friend. Barrel was particularly vocal and if I was visiting around kitty dinnertime, I got to hear his insistent little chirps requesting food.

I’ve offered our sympathy and help with whatever my friend may need and am strongly considering a donation in Barrel’s memory to the shelter he was adopted from.

So if you would be so kind, please send thoughts or prayers to help Barrel on to whatever you believe awaits the cats who pass from this world and to help my friend and surviving kitty Grey through this sad time.

3 thoughts on “Barrel Haz Heart Attack

  1. {{{{{Barrel & LOLDemon & Fren}}}}} Ai am so sawry foar ur laws. Sumtiems it happens dat a kitteh haz a hart attak…Ai knoes. Wen mai Tucky II, he had a blud clot dat went to hiz hart and he had a hart attak. Ai wuz devastated so mai hart goes to LoLDemon’s fren! Ai greeve wif thee.

  2. To LOLDemon nd ur fren,
    Ai be dune mai thing to haz sadness for ur loss nd 2 celebrate teh lief ob Barrel. Wun nise ting iz dat owr petz haz better chans at a Hebben den wii doo. Wii haz teh ‘majnashun 2 offr dem Ceiling Cat; nd awmoes aenee aftrlief wii kan beleef in haz a reward 4 nawt dune bad. Teh kittehs don’t know hao 2 act teh kine uv rong dat wud bar dem frum Hebben.

    Fren uv LOLDemon,
    U nd Grey kin hep eech uddr haz happeez.

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