Cheezstock Reminderifyer

O hai, guise, I can make a announcification?

Plz to remember not to forget that this coming Monday, August 31 is teh Cheezstock! concert to benefit those stricken with Stoopy Pleh Real Life Syndrome.

There will be musics, foods, mud, muddy foods, and all kines of grooviness! We has invited our FailBlog frenz to join us, too. Peeps whut sayed they wanted to preform will be contacted today (I hope) wif instructions, but basically if u wanna does a song, be sure to post it in a new comment instead of as a reply to a previous song. A link to a YouTube video of teh original song is always good, or at least put teh name of teh original song for teh musical-identification-challenged Cheezfrenz. We may spread teh fun over several lols, so if u join us late u can still preform.

Teh fun starts on teh 3nd lol of teh day — see shedyule below for teh time convertifier chart. Be there or be squared!

*6am Cheeztime (Hawaii)
*9am West Coast Merica tiem
*10am Mountain time
*11am Central
*NOON East Coast Merica tiem
*5pm TTI time
*6pm Rest of Yerp time
*7pm Riyadh
*2am Sydney (teh next day)
*4am Auckland (teh next day)


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