Cheezstok Revizited

O hai, guise! Just real quick cuz I is back in teh Real Life today, but I wanna thank errybody who halped make Cheezstock so full of win. Teh musics was above and beyond teh call of groovy, teh fuds was teh nomalicious, and there was no fights and no arrestifications! Yay, Cheezfrenz!

PoussinBoi says:

*PB pawses frum wotchin Cheezstock replay*
Yay LCB fore gud directifying wruk !! :grin:

Directifier, schmirectifier. Is like herding cats, u knoe? Without all teh attendees, vendors, pro artists, con artists, Port-O-Flannik technicians, ect., Cheezstock could not have been teh success.

Teh concert is being replayed all day today on teh LCB Channel.

It starts here,

continues here,

and winds down here.


cweenmj says:

I hazza BEEG FANK YEW fur LCB!

In case yew mist it kuz fingz gottid kinda crazy:

LCB haz maded deh Cheez Town Cryer b itz berry own domain!!!!!

it now b insted uv

Deh old address will still git u dere, but now it will b eezyer tu remember and eezyer fur deh noobeez tu finding!!!

*duz a liddlol happee dans*


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