Lurker tu deh ResQ

Deer Cheezpeepz,

tuday, I gottid dis amaizing letter in mai emayo.  It b frum a lurker in Mississippi wanting tu b on deh map.  Wii haz had no peepz onna map in Mississippi, adn now I noez Y: dey awl b bizzy halping deh critterz.   Plz take a minnit tu reeding dis and biziting deh linkz adn mebbee eben donating.


ohai cweenmj!

I am a lurker hoo injois dis site sew verrrry much.  I rezi . . . resi . . . lib in deh Jackson, MS area.  Alsew haz a lurker friend in deh same area, so dat be two lurkerz rilly.

Pleez not to use deh reel name, just cawls us
Mississipihazkitteez1 and Mississipihazkitteez2
(if dat nawt tu lawng, udderwize just fix it too wurk okae for deh map!)

Luvz, luvz, luvz deh site, sum daze it haz been deh ownlee ting getz me owt of deh bed.

Deh peeps are luvlee and kind and wittee and amayzeeng.  I lurn sew much!

Thx for letting us lurk and be part of deh famblee.

Friend haz 4 kittehs.  I haz 4 kittehs and haz been in reskyoo wurk for years.

Sum ov us trize to do good for kittehs here in deh swamp-state:

Helped creeyate and administrayted a car tag program to endow munniez for deh spay/nooter.  See here:

Fund haz giben out arownd $300,000 to spay/nooter deh kittehs and keeps deh shelter populashuns (and yuthenajha down).

We haz an emerjensee responz teem too (MART), becaws of all deh hurricanez.  Wen dey evakyooate New Orleanz and deh coast we takez all deh animulz at our faregrownds fasilitee in Jackson.  Kittehs, goggees, horsees, gotez, pennigigs, eben deh snaykes.

Wee alsew haz a wunnerful stayte-wide spay/nooter group – MS-SPAN.

Sorree sew lawng but I iz prowd of deh little we do to help deh kittehs.


And now I gotz a PS frum her:

but pleez to tell da cheezpeeps dat iz not me – iz awl da wunnerful mississipeeps dat gibs der munniez and timez to caer abowt deh animlols hear.

wun more fing . . . (sorry I haz one moar prowd):

frend in nawth part of deh state – she is ners anes . . anneth . . . rilly spechul ners . . . she runz a self-contayned spay-nooter trayler (iz teeny-tiny traylor too!) in a verry poor cownty and gets deh vet stoodentz at neerbye yooniversitee to voluntear – dey spay/neuter deh kitties for deh poor peeps for free.  sheez big heero!

Her groop is called HARP,   websyte hear:

Ennyway:  maybe sum of da cheezfrenz get gud ideas abowt spay/nooter projects of der own and haz even moar fun dan dey awreddy havink?



7 thoughts on “Lurker tu deh ResQ

  1. Wunnerful tale gibs meh happytayl.
    {{{{{missikitteh 1 & 2 }}}}}
    *happytayl dans dans dans turn dans dans sum moar!*
    Ai libbed in Mississip wen a liddul gurl, Biloxi, egg-shoo-lee.
    Fankee, fankee fur tew be helpin teh kittehs! Kans yu git bloo naemz soe wii can be frendlinesses?
    Axsenz floofy paw ub frendyness!

  2. Ohai, new frenz in Missississississippippipiipiiis…I nebber CUD spell dat rite! An bless yu an yur frenz four doin so muches to halp teh homeless kittehs! Welcome to teh best plase on teh interwebbies!

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