Sunnyhuckle’z Hubcat in Hospital

Plz to be excusin me? Ai culd hab hugs plz? Just got home from hospital, husband went in a ambulance. Bad copd attack all day while I was at work and did not know. To thick headed to ask for help. Waited for me to get home. Had to call ambulance, was too sick for me to drive.

Long story short, they had to put him to sleep and intubate and paralyze him so not to choke on tubes. Will prolly be in icu cupla days.Heart working to hard at breathing, afraid mite stop.

I found much peas heer (can’t spell ryte wen ai try ennymore) this morning at our “vigil”
Will be tew finding moar tonite. fankee.

Cupla funny things gabe meh comfurt in er:
Dispenser for chg (but no doi) (yes, chg, wif no r in it, confuzzled me) an wen they brawt in crash cart (just in case, he did not crash) ai thawt of awl the splort repairs I have witnessed, so cheezpeeps gave me comfort from afar.
*breaks for teh leeky ize naw*
back soon

Sawry, forgot this, they said he very strong for so sick, an will be OK after being on tube for few days.

Update frum SunnyHucklez profile on 9/12/09:

Last night Dave arrested after I signed off, revived and stable. Surgeon called and is putting in larger iv to accomadate whatever, in his neck. No better, maybe a little worse as no improvement yet is not good Am fighting a blinding migraine, daughter here and gone to get meds, hopefully knock me out for a few hours so can go to hospital. Can’t believe a migraine at time like this!


7 thoughts on “Sunnyhuckle’z Hubcat in Hospital

  1. Of course you have a migraine!!! They are stress induced. {{{{sunnyhuckle and hubcat}}}} Your cheezfrens are liftin you up. Remember that we love you!

  2. Dear Sunnyhuckle… Really can’t think in lolspeak, just want to say that I’m praying for you… and for Dave of course..

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