Shiro Kum Home!!!!

lunarmommy says:

:cry: i feel horrible reeding abowt keeping kittehs inside… i hasnt seed my shiro kitteh sinse friday nite; i made a noo rool abowt keeping him in at nite (him iz alwayz mr. wild fing dont fense me in). erly in teh evening him cawtted two meeses an left tehm on teh patio; i hauled him inside but him wuz akting so eggsited to go bakk owt an play wif himz meeses i letted him owt agin, zoom him took off an i haznt seed him sinse. :cry: i knowed better, i knowed wut teh noo rool iz, but i braked teh rool wun time an now him iz disapeered. i kant beleeve i wuz so stoopid, i keep kikking myself for taht. :cry: i keep hoping him mite still come bakk (i haz had kitteh go walkabowt 4 or five days an come bakk) but i feel sad an horrible taht sumfing bad mite hab happend to him an iz all my fawlt :cry: i duznt deserb hugs, but kan i haz prays an beems for him to coming bakk?


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