PK Goez Insane

*stumblols in, awl tyred*

*fawls ober awn teh nawt-sekkund surfase that nawt akshullee danjrus*

Ohai! Ai been promissed a pet store spot fur mai tu Bengally-lukkin foster kittehs tumorro. Yay! Tehy will get doptifaied in no time, tehy so byootiful an purry an silleh. Gonna miss them, but howse tu full.

So, er… ai bringed hoam 3 lil wuns, mebbe 5 weeks old. Tu waz prolly gonna get kildeded coz tehy akt so weerd (aggressive tu eech uvver an hyoomins, in fact, but cuddly while owt) in caje… ai haz bof in big bunneh cage ryte nao an tehy happilee being normul littermayts, bof sleeping tugevver in hammuk, infakt. Fird littermate had abig horribul disgustifying botfly larva in himz neck taht teh nyse vet tech at teh shelter taked owt fur him, but it leeved him wif a open hole in hims throat, an him still smaller than teh uvvers an week an shaky an stuff, an needing sum eggstra TLC.

Sooo… ai bringed tehm home wif me. *sigh* Yesh, ai haz an insane.


4 thoughts on “PK Goez Insane

  1. Ai lubs yu. Will yu has mai bebehs? OOPS! you already do! You are so speshul, you gets me thru teh worst days!{{{{{{{PK}}}}}}}
    Teh wurld needs a gazillion uv you! Fankee fur to be brightening my day!

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