Troll’s Awake

Eyes tracking conversations, moving, gotta go! gotta go! Update on my profile later!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Troll’s Awake

  1. oh – took me a cupple of sekkunds to get it (i fought it was about that troll-infested post yesturday…)

    This is so great!!!
    I’m so happy for you – and crossing everything that he’ll pull out of this completly recovered!
    *beems from otter side of antlantic being boosted with eggstra strong beems*

  2. taht iz so wunderful, i haz teh leeky eyes for yoo! hope him continyoos to get better!

    (pee ess, yoo wuz so kind to rebember me in my trubbles wif my losted kitteh Shiro eben wen yoo haz been going throo all dis wif yor deer Troll, fank yoo so much! we iz still looking, still haz not gibbed up hope – miraklols kan happen!)

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