Gud(?) Noooz fur Bluesfan473

Ohai frendz! *swiches lolspeek awf fer a minnit*

Got a smidge of good news last night at work, the reorganization/layoffs are not cancelled but it is postponed for now, until the end of October. They will not make any promises or even predictions for after that. I can’t get my hopes up, have to assume that I will be laid off at that time, but well, better six weeks from now than two weeks from now. Every little bit helps and I am glad for the extra time.

*lolspeek awn*

Fank u awl sew mush fer bein supportif an lissnin tew mew wine an fer ur guud wishis an beems. It meenz sew mush tew meh! *Shmoos tew awl cheezpeeps*


6 thoughts on “Gud(?) Noooz fur Bluesfan473

  1. dats gud neus, aifinkso (mebbe teh hoars wil lurn tu sing (awld storee abawt moyr tiym beun betta)).
    hang en dere, bluesfan!!!

  2. That’s fantastic news! Many of us have been without jobs/between jobs, and yes the uncertainty is scary, but we get through it…Good Luck to you on the job hunt…the quicker you get started, the more oppportunities can fall in your lap. Yay for a few more weeks’ work!

  3. Nice to have a breathing space – will give you time to plan. Will hope for the best. Hang in! Definitely holding you in my thoughts.

  4. {{{{{BF473}}}}} I’m so glad you have at least a reprieve. At least you can plan instead of going into emergency mode right away. I got laid of with fast notice too in 1982. It was a shock to say the least and had never been in that position before. High beams for you all along the way.

  5. Mebbe bai da en uf Oktoe burr, da ekonomee will be bedderer so dey dont hab to cutz manee peeps an yu can stay. Dats mai prayer fur yu.

  6. Cheezpeeps is wise peeps, aifinkso. Hopefully as Old Lurker sed, teh ekonomee will get bedderer, for U an lots ub otter peeps, butt in the meantime U has a little time to plan.
    Gud luk!

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