Annipuss’z Christmas Puddin

annipuss says:

Here you are then! Sorry I don’t do cup measurements!
6 ounces of each: – Plain flour, Breadcrumbs, Vegetable Suet, and Dark soft sugar, Stoned raisins, Sultanas and Seedless raisins.
3 ounces each of: – Almonds, Glace cherries, Dates and Dried apricots (all chopped), Apple and carrot (both grated).
2 Eggs, ¾ tsp. Mixed Spice, ½ tsp. each Grated nutmeg and Cinnamon. 1 fl.oz. Brandy and enough Guinness to give a moist mixture.
Put into greased basins and steam for about 6 hours. To serve, steam for further 2 hours.
The puddings will keep for at least a year.
(The longest I’ve kept one is about 4 years – it was still eatable.)
You can use aluminium foil basins, but they must be coated or the acid in the fruit dissolves the aluminium!

This amount makes 16 –20 portions.

(2x 2pint basins + I sample size)

Thanks, anni!!! Just wun problim??? “Stoned raisins???” Waht ar these??? Laik plums??

An – skwez mee! TOO probims! ;) Vegetable suet?? Iz this – doo we need a tranlamayshun? Iz this laik butter, awnlee not???

annipuss says:

Stoned raisins aer Almeria Raisins. Vegetable suet is a hard fat. I has 2 yoose it `coz haff teh famblee aer vejitarian. It iz liek long grane ries 2 lukk at. Tradishunullee it wud be suet (teh hard fat rownd teh kidneez) frum aminuls, an moast peepl still yooz dat.

Oh anni!! Teh google duz nawt know waht Almeria Raisins ar!!! Ai’m nawt shur we hav tehm. Waht doo they luk laik???

annipuss says:

Dey aer big sweet raisins frum blakk grayp dat had seeds in – bowt twies teh siez uv seedless wuns an liter in culler dey cum frum Spain. Sum awlso cum frum Australia (nawt kwiet az gud tho) Aifink u cud yooz jumbo golden raisins.

Q. says:

Anni –
What is Mixed Spice? Whatever it is, it’s in addition to 1/2 tsp. each nutment and cinnamon, right?
While it’s sitting for up to 4 years (!!), do you douse it with more brandy and/or Guinness if it seems to be drying?

I’m already excited about making and then eating this! You’re a hero, Anni. Make that heroine.

annipuss says:

Mixed spice is a mixture of various spices – sold as such here.
It doesn’t need any more liquid added – it’s stored covered. I use plastic basins that have fairly tight fitting lids. You could use vegetable parchment, (baking parchment) and foil tied over the top of a ceramic basin.


3 thoughts on “Annipuss’z Christmas Puddin

  1. HA ! ai gotz a 2 qwestshuns 2 ! iz da “6 oz” by weight or by measurin cup ? AND- where da heck can yu getz da puddin basin in murika ??! sumbudy pweeze halp ! ai wantz 2make da puddin !

    note- in murika we can getz suet from da birdseed stores, or ask da butcher where yu buys your meetz- he can getzu sum. OR try lard (iz frm piggy, nawt moocow, but still basically da same tink) or crisco. for “stoned” raisens yu can use dried plums or prunes, pitted, and chopped.
    “mixed” spice= allspice

    • Ohai Sparkysmom. Awl mai meshoors are bai wate – we doan’t yooze cup meshoors (`sept fur braz!) Ai dunno iffn lard oar Crisco wud werk (too sawft) – Ai get sumfin cawled “vegetable suet” wich iz a hard granuler fat. Iffn u get butcher’z suet u haz 2 shred it fyne. Ai yooze sultanas (ur golden raisins) and seedless blakk raisins and teh stoned wuns aer frum Australia oar Spain (Almeria oar Muscat raisins)
      U cud yoose a sootabul siez Pyrex miksin bowl wiv greesed aluminyum foil tyed ober teh top.

      • ooo, fankyu, Anni ! Ai reads da Aubrey/Maturin books (awl ‘bowt da olde tymee brit sailur men) an my son gotz me a book called “lobscouse and spotted dog”, which bees a cookery bookery wif awl da recipees from da old brit navy days- tells yu haow to cook “portable soup’ and rats (millers) and many puddings and breadfruit and da “roast beef of old england” and yorkshire pudding ( which ai made one year on my yorkies birfday !) when i made a “xmas puddin” from dat book i used a metal mixin bowl tyed up wif cheesecloth an steamed inna “dutch oven” i love custard, so i served it wif da custard sauce not da “hard” sauce. der was never ne leftobers! but da book says yu can keep it easily a yr, and dat dey neber heerd ob one going bad!
        when i made dat puddin i couldnt find ne suet, except as part ob birseed, mixed wif millet. i memberd mai mommy cookin wif suet so i axed da butcher and he sayed “yu want suet ? ok, hang on a minnit” and he disappeared for 10 mins, then came back wif suet- which he gibbed me for fwee! but it was very hard, cold, an in big hunks- had to chopnchop. next time i tried lard, and it worked fine- and is ez tu get here bcuz its used in mexican cookin a lot. and i saw anovver “xmas puddin” recipe that used crisco

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