Mildred’z Zukee Knee Catzer Roll

Itz reelee eezee.

Obviouslee, yoo can maek it in ene size casserole dish, but bigger iz bedder!! ;) After wunz oar twice, yoo will see hao thik yur layerz shud bee.

Uze ene kind ov zucchini – yellow oar green – eben yello summer squash werks well – oar mix tehm in layerz fur culor.

In teh casserole bowl ~

Layer ov zucchini slyces – 2 oar 3 slyces thik
Layer ov slyced tomatoes
Layer ov chopped unyuns
Layer ov shredded chedddar cheez
Layer ov crushed Ritz crakerz

Repeet fur second layer.

Usualle, there iz room fur awnlee 2 layerz.

Dot top layer ov Ritz ckraker crumbs wif budder.

Baek until dun! Will bee bubblee an top layer brown. Nawt shur fur hao long – dependz awn hao thik yoo maed it! ;) 40 minnits maybee????
at 400 degrees – maybee?? ;)

An maybee pepper an salt to tayste?? But there iz lotz ov salt in teh crakerz.


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