Tidmumz Chicken Brestz wif Wine Sawse

Tidmum says:

…an I is maykin chikkin breasts wiv wine and stilton sawse on a bed ov pasketti. Later.When I get arountuit.If i feel lyke it.Maybee….
Got a seryuss case ov teh CBF’s.
…ah heck! Juss have teh wine.That’ll do me.
They can feed demseffs tewnite.

TheLovecat says:

enjoi yur wien! Butt (!) dose chikin brests sownd NOM! Hau yu maeks de sawse??

Tidmum says:

ohai TLc :D
Pleesed to meetcha!!
Sawse is eezee…
..panfry chikkin or pork fillet or steak in a little butter with pepper and crushed garlic.
When cooked,remove from pan and add a large glass of wine.
Bring to boil,reduce slightly,then add some cream or creme fraiche.Then crumble in as much Stilton or other blue cheese as you like.keep stirring til cheese is melted and pour over a bed of spaghetti/tagliatelle or rice,on to which the meat has been placed.


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