On Winzdee, KerryKatz4 gottid a pixor ADN capshun on deh frunt paige!!!  it wuz Dont Sneeze Hur wuz berry happy bowt dat until she saw sum uv deh commintz.  Catena haz askinged mii tu postify dis polologee tu KK4 fur wut shii sed. I haz awlso postinged it on KK4z profile in hopez dat hur will seeing it and akseptify deh polologee.

Dear kerrykatz4 – I am really, really sorry for the remark about your curtains. It was very rude of me, and I do apologize. I do love the way your kitty climbed up in the plant basket. There had been many trolls around earlier, and I was having too much fun asking what trollish comments might be. I went to far, becoming one myself. Again, I am very, very sorry, and I hate that I took away from your happy feelings on being front page.
I posted an apology under your comment, but I wanted to make sure you saw this.

Eh berree stoopud catena
(nawt mene nastee, jus stoopud)


5 thoughts on “Apolologee

  1. {{{{{kk4}}}}}
    kk4 – sumtiems wii fink uv a post be4 knowings who tooked da piktur or wroted da kaptshun. Ai’m guilty uv dat myself, den erase before sending da comment. Pleeze akkesepting alla apologies.

    catena – ur heart is gud and ai knows u were just caught inna da moment uv oops.

  2. Deer Catena – please do not be too sad about this. You only did what used to happen here quite routinely. It’s true, people haven’t done it so much lately, but when Stend and some others were here, the furnishings of the peoples houses were often made fun of – and in far worse fashion than you did. And lots of people always joined in. The only thing that seems to be different now is that we occasionally actually KNOW the caption and picture people. Back then, it all seemed very anonymous.

    I’m sure we must have hurt some feelings then, but no one ever said anything.

    But you were just carrying on an old ICHC tradition. I love KK4, but I think she overreacted just a bit. But she was probably somewhat taken aback, too. The better response would have been, I think, to say something humorous. Not always so possible, I know. And once a comment is posted, there’s no taking it back.

    But your apology is very heartfelt and sincere, and you have done as much as you can. I hope all has now been set right again!
    {{{{{{catena}}}}}} {{{{{{{KerriKatz4}}}}}}

  3. Srsly? I kinda like teh kurtins…(oh, and sumtymes wii get swept up in teh momint an forget taht tehre’s reel peeps inbolblold.)
    Congratulations KK4…mitey fyne jawb! {{{KK4}}} and {{{catena}}} too!

  4. {{{{kk4 & catena}}}}} Sum tiems az hoomuns wii hab a problem….known az Fut in da mouf diseez. Ai haz had dem too. Dat’s wen wii wish wii had sed dose fings oar rote dose fings. *SIGHS* Butt, iz a fing abowt us hoomuns, it woan bii teh furst tiem an it deffinitly woan bii teh LAST eever. It duzn’t tayke away form owr herts an fings becuz wii shud own owr feelings butt wii need to go togevver an eggsept eech uvver an foargib eech uvver. Ai lieked da kitteh an Ai nebber noticed teh kurtins until sumwun sed it. Ai wuz bizzy luking at da kitteh! Remined meh uv mai deer Snuggles. AND, Ai thot it wuz a cyoot LOL! Hedbonks & purrs!

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