Multiplol Nownsimentz

O hai, guise. I can has two announcements, plz?

Announcement teh 1th: There will be a Cheezmeet on Sunday Oct 11, somewhere in or between Warshington DC and Richmond VA, wif vry special guest from teh West, Tessm! Details to be detailed. E-mail me at teh lolcatburglar at gmail dot com if ur interested and give me ur preferred meeting location. kthxwhutfun!

Announcement teh 2st: I has one of those birfday things coming up in one week. (thx) I would like to add a hunnert and fifty moneys by then to teh memorial fund for my Esme and Jethro to support teh shelter they camed from. Even one or two moneys would halp a lot. kthxclickhere (Of course, donating a money, ur time or old towels to ur own local shelter is teh grate, too!)

:shock: * hedbats Scrooge McPig adn lolpigburglar *

PFFT! Hao cud yu letting meh forgit??? KWIK!!! Fetching mai soapbawx… ai wheel has tu doing a nownsmint!

Huh? Whut? Ai donut no!!! Ai wheel maek sumfing up! :roll:

AHEM! Err… well… yesh… err…


Yesh… umm… err… awn teh umm… * shuffles sordid paypurs * ah yesh… awn teh 5st Oktobrrr awn teh… * shuffle * 6AM Cheezthyme LOL wii is gonna has a nite ob Mysery fur LCB’s baff dai!

huh? whut? o, wayt… * skwinks at paypurs *

O yesh, taht’s rite… Wii kin has a Burger Mystery Nite fur LCB’s Burfdai!!! O, yesh yesh yesh!!!

So, plz tu bii at NOM fur 6AM Cheezthyme dressed in yur fynest cocktayl dresses adn tuckspeedos fur a berry, BERRY speshul burfdai dinnur!!!

Umm… mai colleeges adn ai wheel bii a littlol beet layte… wii has sum… err… mystereeus fings tu du… but but but plz tu gibbing yur prezunts adn singing yur sawngs adn doing yur dans dans dans adn wii wheel being heer as soon an wii umm… finish whut wii has tu doing…

uh huh… yesh.




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