Grate Nooz fur deh Troll!!

Ummm, maybe shud nawt be too interruptin, an taht wud be teh smart thing to do…um…nawt to mah current state of… ahem… celebration…BUT: it appears I am not yet unconshus from teh sellabration…So!!!!!
Ai haz a (hic) (sawry!) announcement tew be makin an…(up!) (sawry)(whew, glad that one is finished…hic!)…(uh-oh)…
I am most apolololagetic to be interruptin the friedegg nite caturday morning sillybrations…espeshully unner teh full moon……..but!…….um…but….Sunny haz gud news, oh yesyesyes!
(to be parafrazing a fren uv mine)…(up) whew!
drunk mode off/sober mode impersonated…will continue naow…
It turns out that when Tr0ll came out of teh coma an was paralyzed awn his intyre rite side…um…was NOT BRAIN DAMAGE FROM TEH CARDIAC ARREST LASTING TOO LONG…but he had a brain fungus (come on. who gets a BRAIN FUNGUS? DOES NAWT HAPPEN ON “HOUSE!”) Was really, really a freakin brain fungus makin him half paralyzed.

Um…so…they has treeted teh brain fungus (taht duz nawt even sownd reel when sober, come on, a BRAIN FUNGUS? NOBODDY GETS BRAIN FUNGUS!…BUT…BUT…him IS GETTING BETTER!!!!!!
So! on Mondane he will be transferred to a skilled nursing facility to complete rehabilitation an a mostly full recobbery is expected!!!
Oh, and by teh way, Sunny haz a happy, oh yes yes yes!…an fankee fankee fur teh heeling beams, they really work an I lubs teh world an will prolly regret this post in the morning….because…..
Sunny haz a happy, oh yes yes yes!

Oh, an BTW, not being silly now, I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to all Cheezfrenz for being here for me in this awful time. I hope I can somehow convey to you all how much you have helped and comforted me! {{{{{Cheezfrenz}}}}}

Um, Baron von White Bear says it is time for sleepy-bai now. Sweet dreams and true love to all!


8 thoughts on “Grate Nooz fur deh Troll!!

  1. This is wonderful news! Dansdansdans! I am so happy for all of you!

    {{{{ sunnyhuckle and all her fambly }}}}

  2. Oh, sunnyhuckle, I am SO GLAD to hear this god news!!!!! All the love in the world to you and your Dave! May the miracles continue around you!

  3. Woot! Woot! WOOOOT!!!
    That is awesome news, I’m so happy to hear it! 🙂

    {{{{{{{{{{sunnyhuckle an Dave teh braynefungusrecoverintroll}}}}}}}}}}

    Seriously? A brain fungus?? 😉

  4. Grate, grate, grate nooz.

    *LOL Speak off*

    You got your miracle! I don’t think we can blame the docs for not coming up with this before. Brain fungus? That’s weird even for a troll.

  5. Yew doan noes me SH butt! ai wuz redin frew teh freds two fynds owt haow ur Troll be doin. Dis wunnerphull nooz! Ai wuz preyin foars yu bofe, sew fankies CC and awl teh Cheezfrens whu iz in a clarss of dere own.

  6. Iz grate news!
    Iz wunderful tu see teh Cheezpeepz sending luv and beams an awl kins prayers and gud thots to thoz who is needz dem.
    Wuz awlso my nawt-second visit to Princess Mu Meddow, an it moved me tu teers. Ai missez my fur bebbehs sumtimes.
    Wantid tu say fankies fur the beautimous meddow, an awl the time and thoit dat cree ayted teh watchman an caroulsel an decorabtions an awl!!

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