Prezent Frum Smammie

I fownded dis in mai emayoz dis moarning!!

Ohai mai Cween,

I just read the Google logo of the day, and underneath found this website:
It is explained quite nicely, and basically what it does is convert your personal information into a barcode… which you can than print out into a name tag, should you be so inclined.  Even better (or worse, depending on point of view), you can hit the scan button provided, and find out what your monetary value is.  Fortunately for me, I have a very high opinion of my self-worth, because by barcode standards, I’m ringing up at a measly $6.44 (I think that I might be worth more if cut up and sold for parts).
Once I finished mopping up the tea that I spilled from laughing, I realized first off that this website deserved a wider recognition, and where better to place it than the “Cheez Town Cryer” or the wonderfully fun collection on your personal site?
Now, I must go practice maintaining a low profile while trying to deal with my ever-changing work schedule, and the less than adoring retail public (which lately can only be achieved by having my errant mouth wired shut… heavy sigh).
With a curtsey and fond “Toodle loo”,
Your faithful Smammie

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