Oh Hai, Cheezpeepz!!

I wantz tu preface dis bai saying dat I haz speshul intrust in deh mental helthz.  Az most uv u b noeing, mai son tookinged himz own life az a result uv undiagnosed depression.  And I now b on deh happee pillz tu keeping mai mind running smoothly.

But now I b wanting tu say a few werdz bowt wun ov ower gnoo frenz, ChocoChick87.  Hur b a berry kurageous yung lady, ifinso.  Dis b sum uv wut hur sez on hur profile:

I’z a 22 year old female hooman owned by Fluffy and Mittens. I’z currently livin at home cuz uv sum mental helth trubble.

A kuppla weekz ago hur opuned up bowt a berry seeriuz problem shii haz.  I will copying sum uv it heer, u kin seeing it awl on insomnia .

chocochick87 says:

I nawt has gud nite last nite eithur, kitteh. I feel yur payne…  where R Lunarmommy and cweeny? I needs sumbuddy mutur…matter…mutherlee!

cweenmj says:

wussa matta???
did sumbuddy

Ated awl ur cookeez?
Borkt ur innertuubz?
Cawlld u meen namez?
Drag ur lawndryz frew deh mud?

chocochick87 says:

barely Escaped wit mi mind intakt
feeling Deranged and skeered
am I sum sort uv Freak?
Gots to make it stop sumhao
Hate it when dis happens…
I has a cunfesshun to make (nobudy laff!)
Jokes hurt mi feelings

Kalled schitzophrenia
Likes to torment me
Make mi terrified to sleep
Need sum halp

Openin up to cheezpeeps
Purhaps dey have sympathy?
Questions R okay
Really need sum halp
Skeered to deth
Tried prayin
Unbelievable payne

Voices in my head
Wait fur me to drop my guard
Xterminate mi hopes
Zzzzing impossibul

cweenmj says:

Opunz armz adn
Pullz chocochik87
Quite klose.
Relaxify ur self, deer.
Sumbuddy iz awlwayz heer.
Tell uz ur trubblolz
Und dey will
Vanish in a

chocochick87 says:

*Snifful* Thanks *grabs tissue* crying in frunt of a ‘puter…whut kinda nerd am I?

cweenmj says:

U deh gud kind!!!  {{{{{{chocochick87}}}}}}  Wii halpz wen wii kin. But if u haz serious problemz, u shud tawlking tu ur dr.tinycat. Dey haz medsinz dat halping make deh brayniumz werking calmlee and happilyy….. I noez, I takez mai happy pillz ebree moarning.

chocochick87 says:

Yu tew? *snifful* I has a gud Dr. been wif him fur years. Just having problems changing to a new pill, aifinkso.

cweenmj says:

Iz a not berry well kept seakrit……. lotsa peepz heer b on deh happy pillz…… Changing deh pillz iz deh pleh!!!

chocochick87 says:
It was sew pleh it wus making me puke…which made me loos all da rest ub mi pills. Deh I felt even more bad and would puke again…I wuz stuk in dis cycle fur 4 weeks! Den 3 days ago it stopped. And I thawt I wuz safe until da Voice came back…
cweenmj says:

Ifinso u needz tu tawking tu ur Dr.Tinycat agin. In deh meentime, u stik wif us, wii watch over u!!!

I admirez hur so much fur opuning up tu us, not noeing if wii wud akksepting or rejecting hur.  Az u kin see, eben tho hur haz deh skizzofrenya, shii b a berry smart adn clebber yung lady.  I hopes awl ub mai peepz will going tu ChocoChick’z profile and sending hur deh fren rekwest, adn den gibbing hur messagez uv lub adn support.   Hur b libbing in a teeny tiny town in YewTah, wif no uzzer yung peepz hur own aig.  And hur bestest fren iz mooving bak tu Germany, so shii b feeling berry alone.

Ok, I gitz off mai soapbox now.




13 thoughts on “ChocoChick87

      • I sinded won, too. Fangs 4 teh suggeshun, Cweeen! I hasn’t done dis befoere…sew minny fings ai b kneeding 2 dew!

        And, Oh! I didnt no about yore sun; Oh my, I am so sorry! I rlly had no idee. Yoo R berry strong 2 deel wiff dis and to b helping awl teh cheezpeeps to!

        Wii has depresshun, two. Teh pillz dew help.

  1. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{chocochick}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    yu can haz AWL mai gud thots….
    mai sunnibeamz uv gud healths………
    mai bestist wisches……….
    an ob corze yu can haz mai CHEEZBURGERS

    yu feel beddur grl… mehbe nawt tudai butt dis mowmint wil nawt last furebbur

    And if the night runs over
    And if the day won’t last
    And if your way should falter
    Along this stony pass

    It’s just a moment
    This time will pass


  2. Ohhh, {{{{{cc87}}}}} Ai no has blu naem, but u canz be mai freind. I hadda a nautny dat had da same disease and ai know how bad it can gets sumtiems. As I told prysmacat “All I can hope for is you tie a knot at the end of your string and hang on (I’ve tied so many in my string at least now I’m moving up 🙂 ). U keeps trying, da right combo uv meds will come along. Jus know dat we’re all here 4 u any time u need us.

  3. hai new fwend ! i haz sperience wit da mental helf issues myself, habin epression/anxiety /agorophobia for meny yeers now- i no how smilin n laffin at da kittehs, n da commentz kan reely halp- an da hugz r da bestest ! so heer you go, girl {{{{{{{{{CC}}}}}}}}}

  4. Cweeeeeeeenmj!!!! (fawls sobbing into yr arms) Hao can I eber fank yoo enuf? You didn’t have to do dis fur me…and we hardly eben kno each other! And…and…(looks around at cheezpeeps and bursts into teers agan) awl of yu guys have been so kind to me! Ai nawt kno whut to say! Thank God I found you people…yu have truly been a blessing. I kno whut…I’z gonna put a link to mi personal blog on mi profile so eben when I’m not hanging around ICHC you guys will know what’s up with me. I’ll tri to explain mi trubbles a bit better dere. Fanks so much eberybuddy!

    • {{{{{{ChocoChick}}}}}}}}}}

      How kud I not due dis??? I kudn’t leeving u owt dere awl alone in deh dark. Wun uv deh gratest powerz uv ICHC iz dat it b kunnecting peepz deh whirrld over. Wii haz seen deh luvz reech frew deh interwebz and halping peepz. If u needing us, wii iz heere. Schmooooz.

  5. Ohai, ChocoChic87…I sendid yu a fren rekwest,k? Teh ICHC peeps are wunnerful. I have been treated (and hospitalized twice) for major depressive episodes….not fun…but I now feel like I have a strong support system on ICHC and wif the (please come over and join us)….you won’t be sorry you did.
    BTW, I am nawt reeley crazy….well, not completely….well, ok, maybe I am, but its a happy kinda crazy these days.
    We are so happy to have you in the ICHC fambly!! Big Ole Schmoo to you!!!!

  6. Ohai, ChocoChick87! aye juss kame by hear an redd yore storee, an aye wants 2 gibbs yoo beeg hugs, and smooz, tooz! {{{{{{{{{CC8}}}}}}}}}}} Ai feel berry bad win yoo crai, ai noes whut dat’s lyke. I’ve suffered a lot frum depreshun, too. and PTSD, and Lupus. Nebber had teh voyses, though. Sawnds aweful. I am glad that yoo R at home wiff yore folks! I hassa bruther hoo has teh skizzofrenia, an he is hoamless by choyse. Ai tried sew hard 2 help hymn, butt hii juss took off agin. Nebber admits about teh voyses. Nebber taykes teh meddycine. My momma wiff teh Alzheimer’s also has the sigh-kosis now. She hallyloosinates offen, butt she duzent no dat whut she sees/heers isn’t reel. Yoo R very young, butt ai fink yoo R hedded teh rite way. Wii cheeezfrens B wiff yoo awl teh way, to!
    *brite happeh beems*

  7. kitkay

    I is sew sorry yu has to deal wif sew much!!! I actually has sigh-kosis, I just calls it “schitzophrenia” becuz more peeps know what that is. Same difference anyway- liddul voyces in mi hed. Fanks fur bein so supportive!! {{{{kitkay}}}}

    • Hang in there. Some times are so hard, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get better. I’m thinking about you and hoping for good things. {{{CC}}}

  8. Hey, ChocoChick87, you hang in there. Remember, when you hit bottom there is nowhere to go but UP! Both of my daughters are on medication for depression, and my brother-in-law was, but he went off his meds and committed suicide. So I know mental illness is a very serious problem, and you need all the support you can get. I sent you a friend request and I would sent you a hug but I only have one good arm right now. (Had shoulder surgery and my right arm is in a sling. Typing one-handed is soooo much fun. NOT!) So, I’ll send you half a hug for now.

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