PK iz Mooving On

Can I plz plz plz has hugs?

Just quit job and walked out of shelter… could not handle anymore, too much being forsed to do what feels wrong, too much crying, too much being yelled at, an this morning got told to stick one of my own foster kittens in one of the tiny death-row cages.

I can has crying right now… needing hugs bad.

(Ed. Note:  mennee sympafeez gibbin heeer)

Ai be trying to see it as an edumacayshunal fing.

It gibed me nuvver purrspektive on some fings, an it did give me some motivayshun to do this:
Feline Harmony Cat Consulting <- is ME, altho still needs sum graffics, an ai haz tu mebbe cleen up a fing or tu an add some general kitty info.

Ai trying berry berry hard to see things as awl leeding sumwhair ai spost tu be… is just hard sumtiems. Not as hard wif awsum frenz, tho!


7 thoughts on “PK iz Mooving On

  1. {{{{{Prysmacat}}}}} I was so worried when I didn’t see you on ICHC for so long, but knew that you were going through some not-so-good times. I just saw your post on 10/12 first pic and thought “oh my – now I’m really sad”. In some ways I feel badly about encouraging you so much early on about your indecision on the training you were going to do for the vet assistant position. All the beems and hugs I can send across the “hew-ess-a” to VLC are coming strong. All I can hope for is you tie a knot at the end of your string and hang on (I’ve tied so many in my string at least now I’m moving up 🙂 ). Donut pea inna flanik – sumfing will turn up adn will be gud.

    Finkin uv u adn Seanya adn kittehs.

  2. {{{PK}}}I think that a year from now you’ll be much happier and you’ll remember this time and wonder how you stuck it out so long. Let the kitties take care of you–they will heal your heart best. Sending beams for happiness and peace to you.

  3. Oh, Prisma-kitteh, I am sorry for your pain!

    *sinds berry brite beams and berry warm lubbs*

    *holds out arms, and grabs PK in a beeeeg hug*

    w00t, w00t fore yore noo webbysite! Whut a good ideer! Saying ‘goodbai’ 2 old job is good, if yoo move on 2 sumfing bedder! I hoaps that this will go well fore yoo; it looks wunderful! Donut gibbs up!


  4. Fanks, guys… hugs halp hyoojlee. Ai try tu stay hopeful.

    COL, I couldn’t take any of my fosters with me,, and with a total of 8 ex-fosters still in HS care, that terrifies me. But they aren’t mine, legally they’re HS kitties. I keep crying for them, my loving gentle babies who surely can’t understand why they’re in cages and separated after weeks here and safe and loved and together, but without a steady source of income (or any income yet) I don’t even know how I’m going to keep my 4 and Seanya and I fed. One of the black ones who will probably die is one of the most loving and sweet cats I’ve ever met, and I would keep him in a heartbeat as a playmate for Cory… but I don’t know if he’s even still alive, let alone whether they would let me adopt him “sick” (ie, with a URI).

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