Gud Gnuz

O yah…*lolspeek awf fer a minnit*

We got some good news at work last night, we’re staying employed for at least another month. After that they’re not promising or predicting anything, things can and in the past have changed very drastically on very short notice but they said (very vaguely) that as of right now, the forecast is looking “hopeful” until March. Which is the first sort of good outlook we’ve heard in a long time.

Everyone has been so nice and supportive, I really appreciate all the beams and good wishes {{{{cheesfrends}}}}. And I promise not to whine about the situation anymore….at least until next month at this time ;)

3 thoughts on “Gud Gnuz

  1. Yay! I hopez teh good gnuz keeps coming. Adn, donut think you are whining. Sharing is whut friends are for, aifinkso. We are alwaiz happi tew help.

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