Publik Serviss Messij

Oh Hai Peepz!!

I noez i b preeching tu deh kwior heer, so I will keep dis short.

Dis week, PK had sum terriblol newz:

I’ve just learned that two of my “unSneezy” foster kittens were “euthanized” this past week… Gambit and Stella, my beautiful bengally-looking brother and sister that I was so sure would be adopted. I assume it was due to sneezing. :cry:

Could I ask for a moment of beems for the ones that are still alive (2 in a petstore, 2 in foster but when they come back this week they’ll either go to a pet store or be killed, 1 still in Iso), and for prayers for Stella and Gambit that they’ll be happy across the Bridge?

Wii awl noez how hartborking it b tu luuzing ower furry babehz.  So wii awl gibz PK deh lubz.  But dere b hunnerdz uv towsandz uv uzzer kittehz dat b sendinged ober deh bridge ebbree day kuz deh shelterz kannot finding deh homez fur dem.  So plz, if u kin, adoptifying a lubblee furree baby (oar older aminlol) and/or bolunteer tu halping at ur lokal shelter.

Moast importantlee, Spay adn Newter ur pets!!!

tu yung

LOL by Schippx5


11 thoughts on “Publik Serviss Messij

  1. waaaaaaaaah! this kind of thing always makes me cry (no,really) and then i get very very angry!!! if i could, i’d take them all home. (as would we all)
    p.s. i can’t watch those rescue shows either, i get too upset.
    happy times in the meadow lil’ bengaley kittehs!!!

  2. Oh, lots of hugz prysma, I am so sorry to hear that. If I could, I would have even more kittehs, but I have my limit now. Please everyone, get them neutered and spayed, please!!!
    And the picture made me cry. Very hard. Very much. Good picture, sad capshun….

  3. {{{pk}}} you do good work – if it weren’t for you, I prolly never would have sucked it up and taken my old man kitty in to be neutered…but if I had, right after he came to us feral, I might not be having to send him to the bridge so soon because he’s got the feline aids/FIV…maybe, maybe not…he could have been carrying it dormant for these years we’ve had him…but if they’re neutered, they’re less likely to wander and get infected with this deadly, incurable disease…it saddens me, the number of kitties that get euthanized…it’s just mind boggling…and we have you to thank for bringing it to our attention….I’m sorry I didn’t find you, and this fine group of animal lovers sooner… *hugs* Griffyn

    • Oh, griffyn! ai haz a sorry so big taht yoo & pk is greeving! teh big hartz, lyke yurs an pk’s, haz so much room for greeving an sadz! But, also extra room fur teh joy an lubbing uv teh kittehs! Pleez be finding peace in yur hartz, an fokus awn awl teh wons yoo halped an saved, an keep awn getting teh messaj owt! yoo bofe haz teh harts uv gold!
      {{{{{{{griffyn, pk, an shelter kittehs ebberyware!}}}}}}}}
      An pleez tew be merembering, teh princess haz created a lubberly meddow fur them to go tew, an we awl goze there sumtimes to vizit our “hart-kittehs”
      So, they will bask in teh joy & luv uv cheezland, wich iz moas powerful, indeed! An they will have teh visits frum luvving cheezpeeps, tew reassure them that they are NAWT unworthy, merely misplaced in tyme! ai offers my whole, hartfelt lubbs tew awl hoo helps, an awl teh liddle kittehs taht nebber got a hart-home! Dere shud be a sine at teh brij tew teh meddow, taht says,
      peace tew all who enter here, an noe taht yoo are lubbed!

  4. {{{{pk}}} so sarree tehy had too kraws teh brij. Ai hait teh brij. Ai still fink we shud tair it down so no mor krossing. pleez tew nawt feel too bad. yoor lub stil reechiz tehm. An tehy stil lubz yoo bak.

  5. O mai deer Prysma=kitteh! Ai am so sawry abowt teh 2 behbehs! Mai hart is borked foar u! Mai eyes dey…leek rite nao! At leest, dey had known lub wif u arownd. Butt, Ai nawt knoes 2 menny goes 2 be adoptified. Mai behbehs were adoptified. Oar, dey adoptified meh. Mien ar “fixed” so dat dey nawt be part uv teh prolem. O, Prysma, ai wish ai cud gib u IRL just liek ai want to do so foar mai uvver frens. And Griffyn, Possum knoes u lub him. Dat iz wy he stayed wif U. He knoes U lub. Ai beleeb in adoptifying. {{{{{{prysma-kitteh}}}}}}

  6. PK, I do lots of foster work, too. These poor little guys have the deck stacked against them from the very start….I just don’t understand a universe where these things happen to the tiniest babies…godspeed, little ones.

  7. {{{{{prysma-kitteh}}}}}}
    Words are failing me right now, but my heart is sending you and the kittehs, all the kittehs, love.

  8. Oh, pk! pleez donut gib ento teh sadz, but fokus awn awl teh kittes you haz saved! ai often tell teh tayl uv the (antisocial) kitteh taht yoo fownd a barn placement fur, so az nawt tew be *shudder* euthanized.
    Pleez keep yur hart intakt an keep fiting teh guddest fite! ai noze it iz hard an hard, but yoo do such wundrus good fur teh kittehs. yoo lubs them, an saves minny, an spreds teh WORD ebbery chance yoo get!an ifn yoo ebber feels yoo iz nawt doing enuff, think abowt the werds of enkurrijment and savingness taht yoo spreds on teh intertoobs, an try to realyze taht your werds save elebenty millions moar taht yoo nebber heer abowt! You are a person hoo helps hujely tew be makin teh wurld better, an yoo iz doing it ryte, aifinkso! Pleez be finding peace in yur hart fur a job well dun! Verry, verry well dun! schmooz, purrs, an hedbonks tew yoo, our sweet saver uv kittehs!

  9. I am crying as I sit here having read about the kittens being euthanized. I have no idea how you can do it PK… I can’t even go into a pet store for wanting to take them all home. You and your kittehs have my love and utmost respect.

  10. I fink u doing a good thing don’t worry these kittens will be reborn as a. New Life….. I believe that newborn kittens and human babies who cross too soon get a second chance bestowed on them by the Godess Bast

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