Sad Nooz

I gottid dis in mine emayo dis ebening.

Oh mai cween,
Ai bring yoo sad gnus tunite.  Goosey (ohahtahgoosiam) crossed over teh bridge October 1.  She had a major illness dat neerly tuk her erleer dis summer, an wuz in a nursing hoem when seh passed.  Wii hav lawst an otter strawng voyse in Cheezwhirld.
Wif a hevvy hart,


Dis b Gooseyz blog.  Hur last entry wuz in June, and in deh commentz, Mark tellz dat shii passed over deh bridge.


11 thoughts on “Sad Nooz

  1. I agree with owr cween….Goosey will be dearly missed. I can’t believe she is gone; my heart is borked. Godspeed, precious Goosey….we hardle knew you! Kiss my Baby Ruben for me when you see him at teh Bridge.

    • Thanks, LCB for posting and for preserving this and other wunnermous story lines. I has lurked a long time and commented occasionally for a couplol years and do remember this “dark and stormy night”. Still maeks me gigglol, too. Goosey will be dearly missed. It has been a sad year in cheezland.

  2. This is sad news. I didn’t get to know Goosey well at all, but send beams to her, and to all her friens and loved ones still on this side of the divide between matter and spirit. To everyone in Cheezland. {{{{{Cheezland}}}}}

    Funny, the juxtapositions between happy news and sad…Beatufiul, really. Life goes on, and no matter how sorrowful some events are, they are not all that there is, there is always, also, joy.

  3. Naught sekond: cween: yoo doo such a grate service 2 us hear in cheezland, caring 4 teh peeps. I just want 2 say that rite off. There’s knot enough thanks 2 give yoo NE where.

    Sekondly: eye, too am sad for Goosey: and thanks for posting her blog linkee; she was very articulate, and had important things to say. Blessings on hurr on teh other side. She will fynd peas frum hurr sufferings and happiness, I’m kwite shure.

  4. Oh my – another sad day in cheezland. I have been concerned about Goosey for several weeks. I went to her blog about 2 months ago, but didn’t see much new. Since the 3rd week in September I have been very worried. Now I don’t have a worry for her – she’s whole, strong and missing all of us as we are missing her.

    {{{{{ohahtahgoosiam}}}}} rest well

  5. I didn’t no Goosey tu well but whenever I saw her on ICHC she always made me smile…so sad to hear about her passing, and am praying for her family and friends… we will meet in the place He has prepard for us, and no longer know sorrow but be filled with joy and gladness in the presence of the Lord. Rest in His Arms, dear Goosey… Godspeed…

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