Deh Troll Iz Hoam

my tr0ll iz finally home…took 2 trips up pill hill an a bad attidude that ai HATES tew yootilyze, But, him iz home an iz wut counts! eben ifn it took 8+ hours tew spring him. hims mobility an funkshunallity iz poor, reely needs a wheelchair/walker ramp, but all helpifying peeps iz back to werk or too sick to help an haz no time, sunny iz low low low on monies. Maybe CC will provide, will get by fur naow An be grateful fur wut I HAZ (NAWT LOST!)
Also needs tew find a terlet seat raiser an a bench fur him tew sit awn to take a shower.
But…tomorrrrow iz another day;and teh Baron says ai need tew get tew teh bed an snorgol my living/ lubberly troll.
Ai haz some possible carpenter/enginer teem coming to desine an bild for material costs (awn windy-day), iz nawt sure ware teh money for lumbar will come from. but haz tried so long tew get him healfy, will find it somewhere! Him still very week, an haz to go tew horsepillal every day for 1 hour of iv meds, but fizzikal therapy will come here to rehab at home? is mixed blessings, will fine strength sumware tew keep awn keepin awn!


9 thoughts on “Deh Troll Iz Hoam

  1. ohai {{{sh}}} – lolspeak off – I got one like this for when my MIL visits…in fact, you can use it bedside with a removable bucket, over the toilet without the bucket, and in the case with mine, you can put it in the shower too…one item, three uses…thought I’d share what I’ve already researched for my own household….also, don’t rule out yardsales and craigslist…anyway, here’s the linkee with a picture of what I’m talking about…just close it up:

    • *hedbonks an purrrrz*
      fankee, griffyn! haz moast ebberything, an wheelchair ramp iz being bilt awn friedegg by peeps hoo noze my dotters, an wif donated lumber! lyfe iz so gud today, an my tr0ll iz snoozin an waitin fur hiz sunny! We haz a roof, a job (well, sorta, am awn disability naow fur cuz ai wuz crying unkunTROLLably an afraid tew crawl owt uv teh bed or anser teh fone). and am protekted by teh majikol eff-em-ell-ay papers fur a wile, ennyway. haz enrolled in “intensive owtpayshunt therapy” tew git my poar borked braynium fixed, an haz a feel-gud abowt taht owtcome. So, lyfe iz tew be treeting me verrrry well today, an tomorry iz anudder day! Espeshully strong beems uv luvving an protekting tew awl uv cheezland, yoo gize iz teh best in the wurld!
      “Go placidly among the noise and haste, and remember what peace may be found in silence.”
      peace & love tew awl,

  2. taht iz such gud nooz, taht yor trOll iz safely home. i know fings will wurk owt for yoo, to getting teh fings yoo need, also sends beems an prayrs for yoo. now yoo an yor trOll kan habbing taht martoonie an gud laff wile yoo lissen to GnR play Hevven’s Dore. {{{{{sunnyhuckle an trOll}}}}}

    • Will find tyme fur taht soon enuff. 6 weex ago this caturday, teh doc sed, 75% chance of complete an toadal organ faylure, resultin in mortality. 5 weex ago tomorry they axed ifn ai wanted to be unpluggin him an let him moov awn from hiz mortal coil. Guess he showed them, uhuh! iz still hard tymez, but volunteers haz fownd donayted lumbers an iz tew be bilding his ramp awn friedegg! Teh lubz uv stranjers an frenz haz guided me throo teh ruffest tymez, an our luv will prevale! haz such a debt tew ichc; ai lurked long an long afore komitting to be poastin an be a reel cheezpeep! wuz won of teh best decishuns ai ebber made! (ryte up thare wif “donut unplug my tr0ll! juss be tew ficksin him!”){{{{{{{lunarmommy}}}}}} }}}}}

  3. Lolspeak off. The city I live in has a community closet full of stuff people have donated when they no longer need it. There is a classroom at one of the elementary schools that is full of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, bath chairs, toilet risers, safety bars, babygates, carseats and so on. As long as you are a resident you can borrow anything you need for as long as you need it and it’s free. You should check with your local city hall, chamber of commerce, VFW hall, or similar organizations to see if they sponsor anything like that. I found out about ours from a neighbor who belongs to the Moose Lodge. They sponsor a drive for people to donate unwanted medical equipment to the closet. Good Luck and God Bless. {{{{{sunnyhuckle&troll}}}}}

    • Fankee so mush, sweets! wuz nawt much tyme fur surching owt resourses, so bawt teh necessiteez at wally-wurld. Dotter’s frenz are coming down tomorry to mayshur stuff, an haz akwired donated lumber an is donating their tyme, so ramp will be provided kwickly! Thank CC fur awl teh lubz an kindnesses in teh wurld, an eggspeshally in cheezland! Schmooz an purrs tew yoo fur yur kindness an halpifying! wishing yoo much wunnerfullness an lubz! Schmoooz!

      • I haz such a happy fur U & da Troll. Dotters (and suns) kin be such a blessin eggspeshally when dey haz gud frenz who be willin tu halp in times of trubble. And thank CC fur disability! I am awn it nao tu, due to a borked shulder. Hedbonks & schmoozez & purrs tu awl ob ur fambly & gud frendz who be halping. U will survive dis, Ifinkso!

  4. Oh Sunny! Please call a Home Health agency to set up Home IV therapy. A nurse can come to your house so you don’t have to take the Troll back and forth! My prayers are with you both. G

    • minny fankees, old lurker! ai lurked long an long wylez, studying up awn teh cryer tew no haow to be a good cheezpeep, an wuz finally confident enuff to speek. Lurkin iz an art, ifn dun ryte! Haz put a personal poast awn yur profile. Schmooz an lubs tew yew an awl of cheezland (my hart-home!). a berry ruff tyme wuz made smoother by being here with so much lubz surrounding me!

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