Momcat Lukin Fur a Liddlol TTI Halp

momcat ub gascat says:

***wandren fru lukin fur holp*****
haz aniwun seened anipuss or ambercat lateli? Spouse iz doin a fesis awn health care n electromic medical recordz in gret britin. Himz gotz sum questionz bout haow it awl wurkz ober der n I wuz finkin a real libe TTI perzon culd holp.
juz leab meiz a koment ifinz you wantz ta tawlk….. iz latish hear, m goin ta bed soom…


3 thoughts on “Momcat Lukin Fur a Liddlol TTI Halp

  1. Ohai Momcat, As far as I know, the electronic recording is not fully operational yet.
    My own Doctor has my details on his computer, but still has a system of paper records (in my case a thick packet of cards and letters covering my life since the National Health Service started).
    Hospital records are still in a manila A4 folder that has to be carted to whichever department of Outpatients I am visiting.
    I’ll see if I can find anything online about the electronic records and send you links if I find anything.

    • Have just tried Google – NHS Computerization. I don’t know if it will work from where you are, but there are several articles there. It is still being trialled and is not very popular and not very successful so far.

  2. Ohai Momcat – I’m happy to help any way I can!
    CweenMJ has my “real” email, and my permission to pass it on to you!


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