Scam Alert

I wuz chekking mai emayoz, adn I lukkinged at mai spam folder.  Since I haz posted mai emayo address mennee timez, deh SPAM folder managez tu fill up kwite kwikklee.  But I awlwayz chekk it, kuz occazhunlee a message frum a cheez peep landz in it.  Anyway, I saw a msg dat sed it wuz from a Vet so I redded it.

Dis b wut it sed:


I am Dr. Jennifer Allen ( Veterinary Medicine), I own a veterinary Service where I practice both exotic and companion animal medicine.

We are looking to donate some pre-used items in our clinic as we have recently acquired new medical supplies and a new mobile van and now offering to donate a pre-used ” all purpose” mobile van and the veterinary equipment below.

1 Ultrasound
1 Autoclave

Are you familiar with these? Let me know if these contributions Would be beneficial to your work?.


Dr. Jennifer Allen
D.V.M.,Veterinary Medicine.

Dis sowndz plawziblol, but I b deh suspishus sort, adn it did landing in mai spam folder, so I checked up on it.  Dis b wut I fownd on Scamwarners:

This is an example of a very specific targeted scam that has surfaced several times over the past couple of years. The email address and “veterinarian” name sometimes change, and at times, a fake veterinary clinic website is used to support the scam (the last fake website was killed by 419Eater site killers), but the content does not vary much. Rather than sending to thousands of random email addresses, the scammer specifically targets animal shelters, pet rescue organizations, and veterinarians. This type of scam is particularly insidious, as these are donations that would mean a lot to most nonprofit animal organizations, and even those aware of overpayment schemes may not question this email, because the “donation” does not involve cashing checks, and the equipment is directed at the specific needs of the organization. In addition, the gmail address hides the fact that this scammer is in Africa.

This is not a real veterinarian. There are no supplies to be donated. There are, however, plenty of fees to be extracted from already struggling charities in order to deliver the imaginary equipment.

So, fur doez uv u weking wif shelterz, etc. don’t falling fur dis ebil plot tu separate u frum ur fundz.  Just showifying dem ur pointy endz and dump deh emayo in deh trash bin!!!


3 thoughts on “Scam Alert

  1. I’ve been getting some weird replies to some of the stuff that I’ve put up for sale on craigslist. Something to the effect of “Well, I know how you feel, and I’ve had to sell a lot of my stuff, too, because of the bad economy….” I don’t know who sends these out, but it sounds fishy to me, so I just delete them. Anyone else have this come up?

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