Moar Gud Nooz fur Bluezfan

Ai cahn butt in heer tew sai wii gots sum moar nooze at wurks awn Friedegg nite?

Wii bee saif til at leest teh end uv teh yeer at dis poynt! Teh cumpny wil nawt kom rite owt an sai dey wuz tew hastee an kancel teh reorganizashun/layawfs, wii kno dey keepin it in plaise sew iffen teh orderz drawp agin dey cahn implimint it wif noe notise.

But is hoapful nooze, aifinkso! Naow ai kan stawp stressin til neggst yeer ;)

Fank u awl fer ur supportz!


5 thoughts on “Moar Gud Nooz fur Bluezfan

  1. YAY for yur gud nuse! Gues taht not U tide in teh end uv teh rope is holding! Hang on, and wii’ll all start wishing for 2010 to be betterer for ebrybuddy.

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