Cheezpeepz Study

Relaxify ursef, U dusn’t haz tu du deh studying.  I haz ben in cummunicashunz wif a lady hoo b studying kummunicationz and shii b interested in deh Cheezpeepz.  I haz ben tu hur webbysite adn I haz Googloled hur tu ensure dat hur b wut shii klaimz tu b.   Plz tu welkumming Almost-Dr-Chelleycat.

Oh hai, cheezfriends!

I am almost-dr-chelleycat, a Ph.D. stoodent at Oh-hai-o Univursitee. I studee teh virtooal comoonitees, adn Iz vury interested in teh awsum space uv cheezland! U alz haz much tu teech udder comoonities abowt frendship an civilitee. I haz bin a lurker fur a long timez az a fan uv teh lolz. Tu b az open az posibl, Iz want tu let youz gno dat Iz interested en observifyin teh blog and ICHC tu luk at how norms and eventz halp shape teh comoonitee. I respeckt teh cheezfriends, and so iz veree eemportnt to mez to makez shure dat all cheezfriends no abowt adn are comfee wif mi prezens. I mite sumtimez play on teh bords, but I mostlee I wil bee just observin. Du nawts tu be wurryd, I will not be uzin ane personal de-tailz. If ne1 haz anee kwestuns or consurns at all, plz tu be emailin me at mcalka@gmailcom. Fanks u, cheezpeeps!


16 thoughts on “Cheezpeepz Study

  1. Ohai Almost-Dr.-C! Welkoem tew owr plai yarrd… ai iz anudder Komm peepz, ai can haz mai massturs inna noo meedya an fotawgrufee. Eff u haz ennee kwestyuns, lemme noe an ai’ll cee eff ai can haylp!

  2. Well, ob korse yu kan studey us, AmostDr. …ICHC is teh bestist plase in teh whirrled to find nice peeps. Okashunally a troll will cumin an tri to be all pleh, but dey doan stik aroun berry lawng…fank CC!

  3. Hi, AlmostDrChellycat! Yu is welcom. I fink dis be a mose eckserllent site for teh studyin becoz it has a hyooge level of dibersity – ther ar peeps in Cheezland hu can tawk with unnerstanding on enny subjekt from blak kats to blak bockes to blak hoels! An becuze we all has teh same onlee wun rule, “play nice”, an all has teh main thingys of a sense of hyoomur an a love of small lifes in common, we get along pritty gud from all over teh wurld!
    PS Ohwhyo roks!

  4. Ohai!!! Aifinkso yu haz a subjekt taht will be fun, but also be a hard fing tu meshur… sorta like kittehs, like kvnsgrrl sez! Mebbe yur reserch can teech uvver communitees what tehy CUD be lyke in turms uv being a famblee? 🙂 Eever way, walkome!!

  5. Ohai~! Aifinkso taht cheezland b teh bestest playse tu b studyifying.

    [LolSpeak Off]

    Seriously, though. I think that your doing a study in online communities is a wonderful idea. Perhaps then, possibly, some people will understand us. Not just the people, and the silly lolspeak (not to imply that speaking lolspeak is silly, it is simply the way it looks to some) but the complex interpersonal relationships that occur.
    Thank you.
    Freshman, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
    Communications Major, Class of 2013

  6. Fank u, all, fur teh warm welcum and halp.

    U r a vury speshul famblee, and is so uneek compared tu udder onlyne spaces. Is vury compliCATed indeed, an I can nevr understandz it awl, but iz cleer dat cheezland is meening-full to awl uv u. Udders mite find it sillee, but sumhow u awl came toogethur ovir lols and maed sumfin much biggur. Iz vury interestin, ifinkso.

    • ai agreez, it IS amayzing. /lolspeek
      The ICHC comment community is all but unique in the internet world. Certainly it must be the largest site of its kind, where people are actually pleasant and funny and smart. I’m glad to know that it is recognized for its special qualities. Any help I can provide, I would be glad to offer.

      • Yes! Me too! Wants to halp! Likez to be studied! Hooray! Ai iz worthy of scin … sign … clever study! We wants to spread cheezlubs all over teh world and create whirled peas this way. As our late Lyanthya used to put it: “If everybody had a fluffy kitten, there would be no wars.” Good luck wif teh study.

  7. Deer almmost-dr-chelleycat! May ai join ebreewun else in saying – WELCOME!! 😉 Ai think this is a great idea, too!

    An if yoo ar a long taim lurker, then yoo know tath we consider yoo wun ov us, too.
    When yoo ar finished wif yur studee, will we be able to see it sumwhere? Ai’m moast ov us wud bee verree interested.

    An purrrhaps yet anuther interesting thing – when we hav teh cheezmeets – although we ar meeting IRL offen fur teh furst taim – itz awlmoast awlwaiz az if we have just found ar long lost best frenz again. Ai’v awlreddi met about. . . ai sent cweenm a list nawt too long ago. Ai think itz 37 cheezpeeps. An ai hav laiked awl ov them – butt sum were INSTANT best frenz!

    But nebber a moment ov awkwerdness.

    Gud luck awn yur study. 😉

  8. Ohai almost-dr. Welcum to dis mahvaleous plais. Ur lolspeek bery gud. Bekuse uv mai werk (pleh!) ai mostly lurk – at lunch fur stress reliefs (sum co-workers also do dis), and after werks ifn ai gets a chanse ai’ll comment inna da ebenings. Wii haz da phun most always, helpify uvver cheezpeepz when dey are in distress, always remembers da heart pets and cheezpeepz who has crossed da bridje for Princess Mu meadow. Welcum again and has phun. 🙂

  9. O deer o deer, ur nawt gonna psykoanilyze uz, r u? Sum fokes mite fink waring a turkee awn mai hed is symptomatik uv deep distuurbince.

    Seeriouslee tho, welcom from teh shadowz uv lurkerville an bery guud luck wif ur study, it shud prov interestin, aifinkso!

  10. Ohai, and welkum! I think this is a wunnerful opportunity. I shares sum of yor research interests and sendinged yoo an e-mayol separately!

    Gud luk!!!!


  11. Ohai, almost dr. chelleycat! Welkum to ICHC! Az many otters sayd- if ai can be ob help feel free tew e-mail mii. Ai hopez you has fun adn gets lots of info fur yer studees!

  12. Dere almost dr. chelleycat,

    U serisly needz ta chek owt teh Recycled Shelties Yahoo Group ifn u wantz teh wel rowndid studdiez… Iz shelbie speek a fishul dialekt ob teh cheezspeek or tiz udder way rowrnd, cuz dey bin shreddinz mi spelln skillz fur bery long timz… I tinks dey lurnd sum ub it from teh Wild Bunch down in Textus.. teh link iz

    Gunner’s First Postulate of T*R*E*A*T*S iz escentull fur any proper edgmek8shun. Fur u cheezhaids, speshully teh kittiez, T*R*E*A*T*S iz kinda lik teh Noms. U gotta wurk fur em… Visit teh link fur teh solushun. Eben teh kitty cud do dis.

    t(E) = V * T * (D + 1) * g
    ———————- * C * G
    W * t(LT)

    sO, wich kam furst, teh shelbie or teh kitteh?

    Ur furends, Jp and teh Saltwater Shelties of Da BarnesYard in Fuginny Beach, VA
    ^..^ Molly Anna
    ^..^ Buddy Bean
    *..* Pee Pantz, errr, ooopz datz Sweetie Pie

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