Troll Status

{{{{{PK & wb}}}}}}}}
himz gettin around wif a walker at home, but a wheelchair wen he goze owt…which iz ebry day to a closer hospital to get IV antibiotics.
Had a close call awn hiz anti-fungals, cost 4 towsand monies a month, eben teh insurance did nawt want to pay but finedly did, but our copay was still twelb hunnert monies a month, he did nawt hab enny fur a week, then we gawt a credit card and got sebbin daze worth for 3 hunnert monies. but today at teh dr.’s orifice, they hooked us up wif teh med-aid dept, hoo did a bunch uv payperwerks fur us an “advanced” us a 2 week supply, pending gettin teh assistance from the drug kumpany. wuz a big & big releef, srsly!


3 thoughts on “Troll Status

  1. Oh sunnyhuckle – dis iz indeed gud gnus. When mai hubby had canser and had to hab sum special drugs, we gotta break on da costs wif sum speshul help frum da clinic – sorta liek whut u did. Da cost to us was about one-third of the aktual cost. Ai know dis is a biggggg relief to u and troll. {{{{{sunnyhuckle & troll}}}}}

  2. O hai, Sohnyhukklol & Troll! Glad 2 noes teh Troll is gitting bedder! Yoo is a fantasticalishus nurss! Lucky troll! Yeah, dare’s seberal good programs out dare 4 teh meds help, and I b glad yuse gitting help. Medycayde is gud, aifinkso, shuld cover ebberyfing, aifinkso yood B elligiblol since yoo has a disckabilolty? ANd minny drug companies has speshul programs 2 helpify Volks hoo kneed it. Just keep pushing 4-word! LUBS, yore fren, KK

  3. OHAI, SUNNY ! ai hopez da troll nos haow lucky himz to hab a Sunny fitein for himz ! Ai noes haow hard it iz 2 get bettur when yu iz sew worrie ‘bowt howtopay, howtopay ! sew naow yuse guize kan relaxify yurselbes fur a liddle while an jest fink abowt da gettin better, yesh, aifinkso !

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