BOM_MOMME Recubberz


Juss like jazz paws onlee wif beams. Ai lubs cheeztown. Der a jazzes and beams an hugs an ebrifing for all who needz dem.

Ai are doing good, can almoss see da keys onna keybord. Stiches out Next Wednesdae and den I can bend ober and shower an ebrifing.

Wat??!!?? Stiches?? bending an seeing? Honey, wat happind? Ai kno ai hazznt bean heer az much laytlee butt (!) it seemz ai misst sumfing, did u git hurted? {{{{{BOM}}}}} Ai duzznt alwais taik teh tyme tew reed awl teh threds wen ai git hoam frum wurks sew ai gess ah’m owt uv teh loooop.



Not hurtz, just too fat. Had eye surgery on Tuesday, had the prolap eyelid thingee goin on. Buy the time I decided enough was too much had lost 50% freild of vision. So they wen in an removed the too much eyelid.
Of course cant go outdoors in this wind and people look at me like I lost a fight. But am seeing better already, so worth it too me (nawt shure husband agrees since he has to take care of blind wiffee).


One thought on “BOM_MOMME Recubberz

  1. Ohai, bom, eye is a liddlol layte, butt eye is hoping dat yore eye is heeling gud and teh swelling iz goan down! tayke care {{{{{{{{{{bom}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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